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  • Single, Man seeking a Woman
  • 32 years old from Franklin, MA
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  • Last Update: 2/9/2013
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5' 8" (173 cm)
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About Me

50 Reasons why you really want to meet me: 

 1 You'll never have to worry about driving illegally in the carpool lane again. 
 2 I've got an auto renewal subscription to Netflix. 
 3 I always squeeze the toothpaste at the bottom of the tube. 
 4 I'll hide little notes for you where you'll least expect them. 
 5 I like macaroni and cheese out of the box (the white, not the orange, it at least resembles cheese slightly more)
 6 My heart will jump every time you walk through the door. 
 7 I will never forget your Birthday and I will subtly remind you of mine. 
 8 I'll save everything you ever gave me. 
 9 A bag of pizza goldfish is my chocolate 
 10 I'll laugh at all your jokes (even when it's not funny) in public. I'll tell you when it isn't funny at home. 
 11 I smell pretty good. 
 12 I can be ready in 15 minutes but will take the extra half hour once in a while. 
 13 I'm good at sneaking snacks into the movie theatre, and you can always pick the movie
 14 I've never had sexual relations with a Kardashian. 
 15 I wish I could give you all my firsts, but I’ll offer you all of my lasts
 16 I’ll always wake up early to clean the snow off your car, and warm in up for you too 17 I'll always wait for you 
 18 I'll lick the envelope for you. 
 19 You saw the skeletons in the closet and you're still here. 
 20 I’ll wear ugly sweaters at lame holiday parties (if I have to). 
 21 I don’t steal the blankets 
 22 You love my dorky side. 
 23 I suck at poker. 
 24 I can’t promise I won't burn the house down while you're gone. 
 25 Ill make you Mickey mouse pancakes on Sunday mornings. (or snow men, whichever you prefer) 26 I’ll always pump the gas 27 Will prove that chivalry isn’t dead 
 28 I come with an extended warranty 
 29 I'll grant you three wishes. 
 30 I'll let you beat me at stuff… Sometimes 
 31 I’m pretty handy around the house. 
 32 I’ll do the dishes 33 I've never lost my keys. (knock on wood) 
 34 I'll cover you up and kiss your forehead when you fall asleep on the couch, but I won’t leave you there 35 I've never been Punk'd. 
 36 I'm always that guy but never THAT guy! 
 37 When you are trying to keep count, I will try and mess you up. 
 38 I THINK I have a better sense of direction than you, but will always apologize for getting us lost (at home!)
 39 I can make you laugh. 
 40 I'll try almost anything once. 
I love buffalo wings nice and spicy, but not too spicy where you can’t feel your mouth after 42 I never leave the house angry 
 43 I self diagnose with webMD 44 I’ve yet to meet a mother and father that doesn't adore me
 45 I'll never subject you to a trip to the mall, but when you want to go, I’m good to go! 
 46 I have all my teeth (there’s a plus) 
 47 I'm waiting for you to go sky diving with me. 
 48 You're wishing this was almost done so you can finally email me. 

 49 I’ll keep the honeymoon phase alive 50 I'm looking for the same thing that you are and wondering why we have not met sooner.

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