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My situation is weird. I checked "Ortho-BT" b/c it's as close to where I am and, more importantly, where I'm headed in life. I converted years ago via Reform, but have been steadily moving towards a more observant life. I have a long way to go, but am committed to getting there. More or less frum lifestyle, wife and kids, continual work-in-progress...t hat's me. I don't mean to be deceptive, but checking anything else would've likely put me in matches with people who might BE where I'm at, but aren't heading in the same direction, in terms of spirituality and lifestyle. And besides, other than other ger like me, a BT woman is likely going to understand the progress from non-observant to observant best, and that will be invaluable in any relationship. As for about me, other than the religious part. Hi. I'm Zac. I'm from Pensacola, FL where I currently own a house and, as far as the law is concerned, technically reside. I work as a college professor, but in a very untraditional setting. My college contracts profs to go out on deployed US Navy vessels and teach. I am actually writing this excerpt from a ship in the Persian Gulf. It is a great job with lots of perks, but it does not leave much room for a social life. I'm in the process of looking for work ashore, as well as contemplating my move since, alas, Pensacola has no observant community and I do need that in my life. So basically, that makes me willing to relocate, sooner rather than later. My MA is in Military History, and I'm almost done with another MA in Political Science, so I teach both History and Government. In addition to that, I play guitar and chess as hobbies, and I both read and write a lot. I have aspirations to get published (other than in an academic capacity already started on that) and have really begun writing in earnest this past few months. I'm some weird combination of a romantic and realist. I try to be as reasonable and logical as I can, but have deep passions, to include my faith amongst other things: notably politics, my work teaching, good food and better music. As an aside, good music for me takes on many, many forms, but southern boy that I am, I am very inclined towards country/folk/bluegra ss styles, though my fave band of all time is the Canadian rock trio Rush. My family is Roman Catholic, as was I once, and they're very supportive of my new faith, though since my level of observance is not terribly high, they've yet to experience it all. But they're my family and have my back. That's what family does. I'm committed to being the best person I can, and that includes taking care of my family (mom, dad, bro) if and when that need ever arises. How can I do less? If you've read this much, I'm very impressed. I flatter myself thinking maybe you are as well. If so, I look forward to getting further acquainted.

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