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  • Single, Man seeking a Woman
  • 60 years old from Charleston, WV
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  • Last Update: 6/11/2014
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I'm a Frustrated yet HOPEFUL Artist/Entrepreneur/ Super-hero seeks an a-MUSE-ing mate. Since I've never had the joy of standing under a "Huppah" I'm only interested in a match leading to marriage. Why frustrated? For starters- no one compatible within a 250 mile radius, BUT I'm NOT looking for a long distance relationship, or expect you to move to WV. I've no real ties to this area and I'm looking forward to living in a more vibrant Jewish community. I have to ask...Why join an international dating site when you're obviously not having much luck meeting anyone in their own areas but won't get involved with someone who lives farther than 10 miles away? And SOOOO many of you are STILL looking for Romeo?" Haven't you read the story/play or seen any of the movies? Romeo dies/Juliette dies. Everyone ends up miserable! And this is what you're looking for? All you separated women looking for "LTRs" or "MARRIAGE" when the last one isn't over [won't even go into the polygamy issue]... how fair is that to a NEW partner when YOU'RE not 100% available legally or most likely emotionally? As Lewis Black would ask.."Are you all out of your Phuqueing Minds?" *Sigh* So much for my "kvetch n' retch session....think I'll just take an extended break to regroup. Meanwhile, back at the ranch [and k'vetching aside] I DO find joy everywhere and always awaken with a smile and a song. As the Major, I strive 4 Truth, Justice, and Tikkun Olam. Adorable, spiritual,unusual, with powers and abilities "phar " beyond mortal men. Yes, I'm very REAL and Rabbi Urecki at Shul here in Charleston will vouch for my character[just ask him] as would Rabbi Langer [where I guarded the Giant Menorah in SF for 6 yrs]. They'd be thrilled to help Me find my beshert to share a life of adventure, mystery, and romance with. While far from rich, and no where near what most of ypou seem to consider "successful", I do own my 4 bedroom/2 bath home in town shared with My 11 yo rescued stray cat Klezmer, [and if you' re outdoorsey] as well as about 54 acres of Hill and hollow, woods and meadows in Harmony, WV-about 40 miles from My* home in town. My own private little forest /nature getaway...might even turn into a hemp farm now that laws are changing. Came close, but never married and no children. At 60 starting a family is no longer a priority but I won't rule it out with the right woman not that I expect to attract many women of child bearing whose biological alarm clock hasn't rung-yet. With 2 years left on the mortgage, I'm already thinking of selling or renting then moving someplace with a larger community, or maybe buy a boat and sail around the Caribbean, Mediterranean. I'd love to move back to the Bay Area, or NYC or someplace I've never lived...maybe Cleveland? Detroit? Sedona? The Gulf Coast? Europe, Israel[ feel strongly connected to Tzfat] Belize, Jamaica? Sound like your cup o' tea? Then let Me* know.

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