No New Mail

by GemsFromJen under JDate,Online Dating


Just a question about something that I couldn’t figure out. I had been emailing back and forth with someone on JDate for 2 days when I finally received an email asking to meet for a drink. I responded the same day with a “Sounds like a great idea. Let me know where and when you would like to meet up.” I did not receive a response. I know he got the email because it shows as “read” on the status thing so what is this all about? Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Dear Erica,

There could be numerous reasons as to why this guy hasn’t responded. I wish I had the power to read someone else’s mind, unfortunately I don’t. This seems to happen to more than just you in the world of online dating, even on JDate, unfortunately. Life can get busy and sometimes it gets the better of us. He might have gotten caught up with work, family, friends, etc. He also might have gotten cold feet. Whatever the reason, give it a couple of days and if you don’t hear from him, move on. Remember this is about him, not you. Think about this – do you want to meet and possibly date someone who isn’t ready to commit to a drink? I know I sure wouldn’t. 


Gems From Jen