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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-28

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Long Distance Lothario

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Dear Tamar,

I started chatting on JDate with a guy in another country back in March, then via email and now consistently twice a week on skype (with camera).  In between  skyping we email short messages, but nothing is flirty. We talk about the moon, the stars and everything under the sun, but nothing about us. He never says I like you or I am attracted to you and never gets into emotional discussions about ‘us’. I find him emotionally detached. Is he? I really like him. When I have tried to hint a ‘how do you feel’, he says ‘I am interested otherwise I wouldn’t communicate with you’. He has told me he would like to come visit, probably in September.  Where do I actually stand with him?  I really like him.

Dear Long Distance Lothario,

First, let me say September is a long way off. The problem with spending so much time getting to know someone you’ve never met who also happens to live halfway around the world is that you don’t really know who they are or if you will be a match once you do (if ever) meet. Second, the lack of emotional connection could be one of two things. Either he’s just bored and passing time at your expense, or he’s a really great guy and is getting to know you on a deeper level than just talking about sex. As women, we’re not totally used to this, but think about it… why should he talk about a relationship with someone he’s never met?

I don’t think there’s any harm in keeping in touch, but I wouldn’t stop meeting other people on JDate in the meantime. There are a number of reasons for this: it will keep you from putting all your eggs in one basket; it will make the time between now and the visit fly by faster; and if he never visits then you didn’t totally waste your time.

Making Contact

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Minutes after creating a JDate profile you’ll probably start getting a lot of views right off the bat. Being fresh meat on the JDate market means you’re feeling pretty hot right about now, but how do you convert the views into dates? And what do you do when someone else’s profile catches your eye?

First, use the JDate tools to your advantage. When the “views”, “flirts” and “clicks” are used and reciprocated, you know the other person is interested… now it’s time to make a move and send a message. But wait… I’m an old fashioned type of gal and I believe if the guy is interested he’ll make the move, just as if we were in a bar. So the women can send flirts to their hearts desire, but let the guy make the first move. So guys (or gals who don’t want to sit around waiting,after all, it is a free world), when you write your message make sure it is not about you! We can learn enough about you by reading your profile. The message should be about why you like the other person, what caught your eye and what you have in common. Make the message specific to the person you’re writing to and add a compliment or two for good measure. The message should be short and sweet, but at least three lines. And do not ever, and I mean never, copy and paste a generic e-mail, it’s always obvious!

If you’re on the receiving end of a message, you can easily check to make sure the writer actually read your profile by looking for specifics. If you think the writer is attractive, you like their profile and their message, then go ahead and write back. But don’t wait too long. You should reply within the next day or two, just as you would if the message were a phone call to return. The reply should consist of a thank you, a return compliment and your phone number. That’s it. Keep it simple.

Escape to Excellence

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So JDate’s Riviera Cancun trip is around the corner.  Rumor has it the resort is fabulous confirmed by reviews independently on TripAdvisor. It has been several months since I vacationed and boy, am I looking forward to a getaway.  Tennis, sun, ocean, new and old friends, and possibly romance…you never know what can happen with a Cosmo in hand in Riviera Cancun.

Under Interrogation

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JDate is like that nosy lady at temple – they ask a lot of questions. LOL! But these are questions you want to answer; otherwise you wouldn’t have signed up! So answer all the questions honestly but succinctly and don’t overshare. If you don’t answer every question you’ll look like you’re hiding something. There are some multiple choice questions you don’t need to answer – at least not right away – but you should definitely write something in every field. Make sure what you write makes sense, doesn’t have any typos and has a friendly and fun tone. Let your personality shine through, but edit out any stupid jokes.

Try not to repeat the options you wrote in the fill-in the blank categories. I already know what you do, what kind of pet you own and what your hometown is. This is your opportunity to be cute, funny, sarcastic, flirtatious or whatever is your personality. Don’t give too many details, don’t go off on tangents and try not to say anything that is too overly opinionated. This is all information to be shared during a conversation on your first date! Tell us why you decided to join JDate, what your friends would say about you or what kind of person you think you are and what your hobbies are, expanding upon some of the multiple choice selections you made. Focus on what you like to do rather than what you don’t like to do. This will reflect a positive attitude.

Hint: You need to especially make sure the first sentence is a good one because its going to be seen before the person clicks to open up the rest of your profile. I’ve seen some weird things that turned me off in just ten words! That’s all it takes.


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-21

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  • Tell them to send their success story to! RT @Jweb330 @mrceder my sister and her husband met on jdate as well! #
  • You're a very nice friend, I'm sure she appreciates the help! RT @theotherwillis helping @sbwhite1 with her jdate profile! #
  • Great! We wish you the best of luck – remember patience, effort & positivity = the best results! RT @AppleJuiceJay_ signing up 4 #jdate! #
  • Success Story of the Week: Lauren & Simon knew after only their second date that they would be together forever: #

What’s in a Name? Everything.

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Congratulations! You’re a member of JDate, the largest Jewish singles group in the world! You took the big, giant step for mankind and signed up to create an account and if you played your cards right you were probably able to convince your Jewish mother (who is without a doubt pining for grandchildren) to pay the membership fee.

There are a few rules that should be abided by to make your JDate journey both enjoyable and effective. The first has to do with your screen name. The long jumble of letters and numbers that you are automatically given is not acceptable, it’s lazy. Take the time to think of something original. At this point, your real name is inconsequential while your profile name is essential. On JDate, the first thing you see is the profile name, even before you see the photo. If your first impression is your only impression make it the best impression possible and take the time to spiff up your profile name.

I know it’s hard to think of something unique with more than half a million members, but it’s not impossible. Write down a list of nouns and adjectives that relate to your life. Between your name (first, middle and last), your hometown or current town, your schools (undergrad, law school, medical school, the acronym or even the mascot), your profession, your hobbies and descriptions of your appearance there are plenty of combinations that will both be unique and reflect something about you. Play with words, have fun, be creative and think about what kinds of profile names you would or wouldn’t click on and then apply that to yourself.

No Space, No Light, No Money

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Sounds like a country song…Welcome to NYC.   However, the city pays dividends in energy if you can keep up.  I’m excited as I’m moving and have made an upgrade for more space, more light and more money.  Along with my new hotel-like trendy building comes new people and perhaps new cute neighbors to meet. You just never know who I may meet waiting for the next elevator…


Introducing… Tamar Caspi Shnall

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My name is Tamar and I’m a JDate Success Story. Well, not exactly. I didn’t meet my husband on JDate but I did learn a lot about myself and a lot about what kind of guy I was looking for during my time as a JDate member. It also prepared me for when I did meet my now husband because I really knew what I wanted after going on what seemed like countless JDates. I also learned how to utilize JDate to get the best results and now I’m here to pass that expertise on to you.

JDate is without a doubt the best place for Jews looking for love to find other Jews looking for love. There are hundreds of thousands of JDaters® worldwide, where else can you go and find such a great odds? The answer is absolutely nowhere, which means you need to take JDate more seriously than any other Jewish singles gathering. Everyone makes “mistakes” using JDate, but they’re simple to fix once you recognize the error of your ways.

Every few days I’ll be posting tips: from choosing your photos, to making contact, to meeting a JDate in person. Whether you’re a new member, on the fence about buying a subscription, on hiatus, or a veteran, these tips will help you figure out more about yourself and how to go forward more effectively on your search for beshert. The real JDate success story club is an elite and exciting one and I want to help you join it!


If Only You Knew…

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I recently saw the thought provoking indie movie TiMER.  The premise: would you live your life differently if you knew the ‘exact’ day you’d meet the “One”?  The years, months, days prior, would you go crazy with flings or would you forego dating all-together and focus on other areas of your life because it was all predetermined by the TiMER?  The movie brings up issues of life’s detours and lessons, and arguably perhaps, the journey is what life is all about. Reminiscent of the indie movie Sliding Doors, TiMER provokes whether all our efforts in the dating arena are worthwhile or are the detours for what defines and gives our lives meaning.