So Asks the Kibitz Corner, “What Drives You Completely Crazy?”

by JDateAdministrator under JDate

Back in the Kibitz Corner, we asked JDaters®, “What drives you completely crazy?”

 Keep in mind, “crazy” can be interpreted a few different ways.  Here are some interesting answers!

  • A passionate kiss with the right partner.

7995295, 37, Single, Man seeking a Woman, Boston, MA

  • When someone passes you on the highway, then slows down in front of you for no apparent reason. The left lane is the FASTER lane people!

silverblur07, 26, Single, Man seeking a Woman, Savannah, GA

  • When people pronounce “temperature” as “temp-a-cher”

118966484, 25, Single, Man seeking a Woman, Denver, CO

  • When using ketchup and the liquid comes out because I forgot to shake the bottle!!

GenuineGuy, 36, Single, Man seeking a Woman, Hoboken, NJ

  • People who refuse to make plans. I’m spontaneous and adventurous but, when it comes to women and dating, can we please set aside some time for our next date?

millerthe…, 25, Single, Man seeking a Woman, Boston, MA

  • People in my neighborhood who are still lighting up their Christmas lights at night. I can’t think of any reason why unless they’re celebrating tax season!

LevanahBlue, 57, Divorced, Woman seeking a Man, Long Lake, MN

  • When you need to get a hold of a company and the number given just rings and rings and rings and you know it is the right number but no one answers…if you hang up the whole process repeats!

hockeyaz98, 24, Single, Man seeking a Woman, West Bloomfield, MI

  • Bad guacamole.

HelloWorl…, 20, Single, Man seeking a Woman, La Jolla, CA

  • Overuse of the phrase, “Having said that…”

MarcWithaC, 26, Single, Man seeking a Woman, New York, NY

  • When two hangers get caught together. For some reason this drives me nuts…it’s weird, I know.

Artinthecity, 25, Single, Woman seeking a Man, Chicago, IL

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