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Suprising Study About Religion

by jpompey under Relationships

Part of what I do with online dating is constantly search for trends that people find success with.

One interesting trend I noticed was a study in relation to religion. 

Being this is, religion is obviously fairly relevant.  But how many people are on JDate for religious reasons, or simply because they want to find someone with a similar cultural background?  Or even more importantly, someone whom Mommy and Daddy won’t yell at them for?!

But anyways, the interesting thing about this study is that religion seemed to show that those who were devoutly religous had the lowest rate of response.  Even more shockingly, athiests received the highest ratio of responses.

So what does this all mean?  Its tough to say not knowing the sample size or what erroneus factors come into play. 

For example, devoutly religious may receive less responses but maybe have higher success ratios.

But regardless, one thing is for sure, people do seem to pay attention to religion when looking for a partner.


Mind Credits

by JeremySpoke under Single Life

Let me explain. You know that overwhelmingly wonderful feeling you get the moment a good movie ends in the theater? You had identified with the main character for at least an hour and a half. You could see yourself making the choices he (or she, but probably he) made during the film. He did all of the things that you have always been too scared to do. He told the girl he liked her. He jumped on a grenade to save people’s lives. He chose love over work. He went to the gym even when it was really cold outside.

Before the house lights come back on and crush this fleeting moment of complete clarity as you realize you have to go back to your monotonous life devoid of catharsis but full of disappointment, make a promise to yourself to do one thing that you know will make you uncomfortable. During the credits, make your own list of what we will now call ‘mind credits’. Promise yourself that you will tell the painfully platonic friend that you like her/him. In order to make sure that you follow through with this before you walk out of the theater, call her while still sitting in your seat. When either she picks up, or the answering machine starts, say ‘I love you.’ and then immediately hang up. That way, you will have to call back and explain yourself so it’s not awkward the next time you see each other. When you call back later, you don’t have to say that you actually love them, but you will have to explain why you made the call, and that is sure to be hilariously terrible.


Passing the Prospect

by Tamar Caspi under Relationships

You meet a great guy or gal except he or she is not for you, but you do know someone perfect to pass it forward to. Even if that person happens to your sibling. My girlfriends Sara and Rachel are sisters and they’re both single. Sara meets guys left and right, and sometimes she wishes she could introduce them to her sister, but it’s kind of awkward. She’s rejecting a guy while at the same time offering to help them find love. And if the shidduch works, she would end up related to the guy! But the awkwardness shouldn’t stop you from introducing someone you dated to someone you’re friends with. What goes around comes around. Create love, and love will find you. Another girlfriend of mine works for the Jewish community and has access to each and every single guy in the city. But she keeps them all to herself even though she knows other women that would make better matches. She’s being selfish and meanwhile, she’s still single because she’s not right for these guys! She needs to put into the world what she wants from it and that means using her database to set up some friends, and maybe she’ll come across a guy who’s right for her.

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Are good girls a turn off?

by jpompey under Relationships

In some of my other blog entries I discussed the fact that men are highly attracted to bad girls for various reasons.

However, does this mean that on the flip side, being a good girl is actually a turn off?

When I think of good girls, on the one hand I see a smiling happy couple, a beautiful house, a long lasting relationship with kids playing on the front lawn.

Then there is the dark side of me that sees someone that is uptight, never lets me do what I want, tries to always be perfect, and when it comes to one on one time, well…

Let’s keep this G Rated shall we? ;)

The truth is, I more often see a good girl as something somewhat desirable, but lacking everything I truly want.

Where is the balance?  Is it possible to have a girlfriend that is good girl half the week and bad-ass come weekend?!  How about a beautiful, sexy woman, that is full of tattoos, is up for anything, but is a saint underneath it all?

Maybe I’m just never happy, but I want both!

No Internet

by JeremySpoke under JBloggers

This is what happens when one loses internet. For the first thirty minutes, you frantically repeatedly connect and disconnect from your network, with the faint hope that turning it on and off again at a frenetic pace will suddenly make internet for that which there is no internet. After a half hour, you start looking for other wireless networks that are not secure. By ‘not secure’, I, of course, mean not password protected, because if you’re going to steal somebody else’s internet, you’re damn sure not going to try to guess somebody’s password using only the name of the network as a clue. After ten minutes of not finding any other non-secure networks, you restart your computer exactly seven times, using the same ‘on and off’ theory you first used when repetitively disconnecting and connecting from your network.

After an hour of no internet, it’s time to break out the reserves. You start looking through all of the photos on your computer. If you are a photographer, like me, then you have a lot of pictures to look through while waiting in vain for your key that can unlock the world (wide web).

After about two hours, you go to the bathroom because you have been frantically drinking ice water because the a/c has also been broken, but you haven’t spent any time trying to get it fixed because the internet is also broken, and that always takes priority. On top of that, your water bill, cable bill, electricity bill, rent payment, and taxes all have to be done, but again, the internet. On top of that, it is also your father’s birthday, your aunt and uncle’s anniversary, and the day for your scheduled colonoscopy.

So the 24-hour period that I had no internet directly coincided with the time I was supposed to write a new, hilarious JBlog post. Instead, I sat in an OCD-induced stupor waiting for the internet to come back. Now that it’s back, I still have nothing to write about.


Short or Long?

by Tamar Caspi under Relationships

In dating, you have to have a short-term memory in order to forget about the disappointments. A long-term memory will only hinder you from taking chances. You can’t remember the hurt. Get over it and proceed full steam ahead. You can’t believe rumors, care about past relationships, or harbor ill will towards people who didn’t do anything directly to you. All’s fair in love and war. I was reminded of that line when I ran into an acquaintance who used to date one of my girlfriends. A year and a half later, and I believe that they’re both fair game for any mutual friends. Another friend was going to be set-up on a blind date but heard something vaguely negative about the guy through a friend, so ixnayed him before even meeting him. We need to all cut each other some slack and stop sweating the small stuff. You never know who your Beshert is going to be, so don’t judge until you’ve actually given him or her a chance.

The Tweet Life

by JDateAdministrator under Entertainment,Judaism,News

This Week’s Top Three Tweet-Worthy Events From Jews Who Make News

1. Ashton Kutcher Banished To The Twitter Sidelines

Ashton Kutcher fumbled his Twitter account Wednesday night. The actor/Kabbalah follower/top Tweeter temporarily asked his management team to take over his Twitter account after a tweet about the firing of Penn State coach Joe Paterno caused major backlash.

“How do you fire Jo Pa?” Kutcher tweeted Wednesday night in a message that has since been deleted from his feed. “#insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste.”

The response from Kutcher’s eight million followers was unrelenting. Twitter users criticized the star for not being aware of the finer details surrounding the Penn State abuse scandal.

2. Billy Crystal To Host Oscars

Billy Crystal tweeted Thursday, “Am doing the Oscars so the young woman in the pharmacy will stop asking my name when I pick up my prescriptions. Looking forward to the show.”

The comedian will replace Eddie Murphy as the host of the 2012 Oscars. Murphy had been chosen as host, but the comedian stepped down after his friend Brett Ratner resigned as the show’s producer. Ratner was criticized for using a gay slur in an interview.

This will be Crystal’s ninth year hosting the Oscars.

3. Howard Stern’s Got Talent

Howard Stern is in talks to become a judge on America’s Got Talent. According to The Wall Street Journal, the controversial radio host is in talks to replace Piers Morgan on the popular talent show.

Morgan announced on Twitter that he was leaving the show saying, “Big thanks to NBC, Fremantle, and of course, my friend Simon Cowell, for giving me such a great opportunity. It’s been a blast.”

If Stern agrees to join America’s Got Talent, he will serve as a judge alongside Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel.

A Tall Tale

by Tamar Caspi under Relationships

I’m 5 foot 6, and I always wear heels making me closer to 5’10”, so when I was single and on JDate I made my preference for men 6 feet or taller. I knew I was systematically eliminating thousands of great men (especially since Jewish men are not exactly known for their height), but I couldn’t bear the thought of wearing flats the rest of my life so that my man would always be taller than I. Stupid right? But everyone had their physical “thing” — be it height, weight, eyes, smile — you know, the one make or break trait you think you can’t live without. Height was my one thing and the only thing I was insistent on physically; it was what I needed for attraction. I kept trying to date guys under 6 feet, but it didn’t work. It wasn’t always only because of height of course, but it was always a part of it. If there’s one physical trait or personality trait that you just can’t live without, then don’t, but be willing to compromise on everything else. My husband is 6’2″, but he was also a smoker until recently, and I never in a million years thought I would marry a smoker! Which was more important to me? Height won. And I got to keep my heels.

Desperation Days

by JeremySpoke under Entertainment

I called this post, Desperation Days, because that phrase popped into my head.  Now I have to write an entire thing that fits that description.  It reminds me of a chapter of a memoir of a man in his 60s looking back to his pre-teen years with disdain.  It also sounds like a movie starring Nicolas Cage and Michelle Rodriguez.  It could also somehow be a nostalgic Cameron Crowe movie starring Elijah Wood.  One of those movies has to happen now. I will probably see neither.

Everyone feels desperate at some point in their lives.  I just said that because that’s a thing people generally say, but there’s no way that it’s true for everybody.  Some people don’t have to deal with desperation.  People like Michelle Rodriguez and Elijah Wood have been famous since they were pretty young.  They are also good-looking (not counting the Lord of the Rings trilogy).  As an aside, aside from the fact that this whole post is an aside, I have never seen a Michelle Rodriguez movie that was good.  Yes, that includes Avatar and Drive Angry 3D.  In Avatar, one of her lines was literally “I didn’t sign up for this sh*t.” because that is not the most cliché line of dialogue in every movie ever.  I also dislike her because her character on LOST was not very likable, and because they killed her off because the LOST team couldn’t deal with her anymore.  When you’ve lost LOST, Drive Angry 3D is really the best you can do thereafter.

In relation to being Jewish and dating Jewish people, I’ve got nothing.  None of this has anything to do with either of those topics, but I hope it is a nice diversion from the pain and suffering of dating.  If you are depressed, rent Avatar and you will realize that, though you are sad, at least you are not Jake Sully.



by jpompey under Relationships

I’m going to start right off the bat by admitting I’m slightly obsessive compluslive, a little neurotic, and get fixated on things that I really should not be fixated on.  But then again, I’m a guy.  We’re all a little nuts.

But sometimes I just can’t get over women that refuse to drink a beer.  This makes me absolutely crazy.

Maybe its because I’m such a beer lover that I can’t accept women that will only appreciate wine and mixed drinks.  Maybe its because I subconsciously want any woman I date to be one of the guys at heart, and this rules her out of fitting into this category.  Or maybe I’m just crazy!

Regardless of what the case is, there is nothing sexier to me than a beautiful woman holding a beer.  And those who refuse at all costs to ever drink a beer, you drive me crazy!

Just take a sip! =P

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