Interviews with Women

by Adam under JDate

Welcome to the newest feature on the JDate blog called “Interviews with Women”. This week I am interviewing the ladies from the famous Twitter feed @jdateprobs, where they discuss over a series of 140 character messages just how important men are to the world.

Here are a few questions I posed:

Both of you are 21. Why be on JDate at such an early age? What is the benefit? What have you found so far? Does Age help or hurt?

First Answer: Yes, I’m 21 and I’m in college but dating in college is not super my scene. I’ve had two boyfriends in college, one really serious but I knew that long term, they weren’t what I was looking for, either because of lack of ambition or lack of Judaism.  MLJ and I were talking the other night and being 21, in or out of college is really hard, especially when so many great guys on JDate are mid-twenties and are seemingly afraid of dating someone who has only been able to legally drink for less than a year. Personally, I’ve found some creepy guy who are like 40+ looking for a young girl to go out with and I assume go home with at the end of the night (so not into it) but mostly just nice guys who really want to meet the right person. That last part may have been the hopeless romantic in me but I do think that so many people on JDate are on it for the right reasons.

Does blogging your dating plights increase the amount of date requests you get?

Since we’re trying to keep the blogging/tweeting personas anonymous, it hasn’t made much of a difference in terms of getting date requests. But, if anything, it has made me more willing to accept more dates in order to get stories to entertain our audience with. Besides, you never know when a frog might actually turn out to be a prince. I find the ability to blog or tweet about my experiences gives me a “devil may care” attitude – whether the result is good or bad, at least I will have someone to talk to about it!
What’s it like dating in Boston/NYC? In Boston do you go on more “college-friendly” dates? Is it fast-paced or hookup-oriented?
Dating in NYC is interesting. I find it to pendulum between extremes – it’s either something that will go somewhere or something that is clearly with the intention of hooking up only. Very infrequently does it stray to the middle area. Dating in NYC can be as harsh as the city. The guys can be overly cocky, the girls are often too prissy. And those guys and gals that are actually down to earth and looking to find true love to no avail in the bar scene? They never seem to cross each other’s paths. It is like some sort of cruel serendipity.
Dating in Boston was more casual. While I wouldn’t deem it more “college-friendly,” I would definitely say it was more “college-kid-budget friendly.” I found that potential suitors were more interested in getting a drink or coffee for the first meeting, rather than committing to the full dinner. This way, they didn’t have to commit a large chunk of change to a girl who was likely not to live up to expectations. NYC dating seems more mature to me.

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