Everything is Bigger in Texas

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I just spent several days in Texas … first timer… like Dorothy, it just didn’t seem like I was in Manhattan anymore (Toto). Admittedly, I never watched Dallas in the 80’s and “Who shot JR?” didn’t compare to the World Cup… But during my weekend visit, it was quite obvious things were very different in Texas. Of course, as I plopped myself down at a dive bbq bar in Austin the first man I met was from no other than Manhattan (Chelsea). Go figure…crushing the Southern fantasy. Luckily, the southern drawl bartender who wants to be an actor kept the evening entertaining.

Throughout the weekend I instantly recognized the southern charm and gentlemanly manners every which way I turned. Chairs were pulled out for me at every turn, and that was just the beginning! Being gentlemanly and treating females like ladies is obviously mandatory in this state. It’s big, something I think I can easily get used to…and who am I kidding?!?! The accents were cute too!

The Bar Mitzvah Disco!!

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There are only a few more days until my favorite coming of age retro ritual makes its comeback. I’m referring to, of course, the Bar Mitzvah Disco that’s happening this Saturday! Half the incentive to attend is to relive my fashion “don’t” era by parading around in eighties ensembles that should have never left the house- let alone made it to the runways. So grab your bf, bffs, and/ or beau of the moment and make sure to match your crimped hair to his equally entertaining flock of seagulls do, and get yourselves to the dance floor. At least this time the horah won’t be such a horror, thanks to the little issue of an open bar you can now fully enjoy! See you there this Saturday, and I’d get your tickets asap, so you can turn your attention to more important details, like which spandexy mistake of a skirt will out 80’s your inner circle of friends. Everybody wants to rule the world, but only a select few can rule the dance floor.