Where is Everyone?

by Tamar Caspi under Date Night,JDate,Online Dating,Single Life

A JDater wrote me today asking me where all the JDaters are… he said every profile he clicks is on is either fake or inactive. Ummm, not quite buddy!

Sure, there are people who forget to delete their profile, or are waiting to see where a relationship goes before deleting their account, but you can easily see who is on JDate regularly by choosing the option to see who is “Most Active.”

As for the rumor that there are models posing as “fake” JDaters — why is it so unrealistic to think there are really great looking Jews out there who are or were once on JDate? Is it possible that there are trolls out there creating fake accounts just to check out other singles? Sure. You will find that on every dating site and social media site. That’s the reality of the internet.

But you can’t be hindered by the people who aren’t responding to you. You have to keep looking for prospects who fit the majority of your preferences and reach out to them. This is a numbers game, so the more you view, click, and email prospects, the better your chances are of finding someone.

And if no one is responding then there are two possibilities: your preferences are either too narrow and therefore you don’t have enough options to choose from, or your own profile needs some tweaking along with what you’re saying in your emails. I’ve covered the former many times in this blog, and for help with the latter you can email me at editor@jdate.com¬†for an Extreme Profile Makeover… or send me samples of your emails to dissect!

Last Log-In Look

by Tamar Caspi under Relationships

You’re on JDate and see the profile of someone who is beyond perfect for you. Everything about the person is exactly what you’re looking for: the look, the sense of humor, the education and judaism level, the preferences for a mate. So you send every signal and even write an email but never hear back. The next time you look at the profile you notice the person hasn’t logged-in for more than 60 days and although the profile is still active, the person isn’t.

Your friend is in an amazing new relationship and then suddenly you see the person on JDate! WTF? You call your friend about to cause a dramatic end to what could be THE relationship just to find out the person hasn’t logged on since they entered into a monogamous relationship, more than 60 days ago, but you neglected to check last log-in.

Many people don’t remember or don’t know how to delete their profile, mainly because most of them are waiting to delete until they actually get married, or just simply never thought about it again once they found their JDate Success Story. Obviously those people will probably not be reading this post, but you are and you can make sure you look at the last log-in before jumping to any conclusions.