Timing is Everything

by Tamar Caspi under Online Dating,Single Life

I know, I know, it sounds so cliche, but timing really is everything. If you are celebrating another birthday without being in a relationship, try to see it as another opportunity. There’s a little more time to make yourself better — FOR YOURSELF — so that when the right person does come along, it’s a welcome addition, and not the end goal.

Create personal accomplishments that fulfill you. Don’t rely on another person to make you feel fulfilled. Only then will the right person likely come along. Your mindset will be different, you will have pride in your success in life, you will see the right person as a partner who complements you, not someone who completes you.

Women especially need to believe this. Live your life and do things that make you happy, not as a way to pass time until a man comes along, but because you have a desire to be happy with yourself and to make something of yourself!

Refusal to Age

by JeremySpoke under Single Life,Success Stories

I always see myself as young and healthy. Back when I wasn’t healthy, I was younger. Now that I’m healthy, I’m older. I never saw myself as overweight. Now, when I look at old pictures of myself, I wonder who that vaguely attractive semi-obese man is, and wonder why my mother never told me I have a second brother with no self control.

Back when I was big, and I saw those same photos, I didn’t see myself as other than skinny. Now, though thin, I refuse to believe I’m aging. My hairline is somewhat receding, yet I’m already using really cheesy middle-aged-man-methods to try to cover it up. I clip the front of my hair to make it try to blend in better. I brush my hair forward. I wear hats. I’m just kidding about the hats. I hate hats.

I believe God gave me the option of either youth or health, but never at the same time. Imagine if I had been young and healthy. I would have been married by age 18. That actually would have led to way more problems. In a way I’m glad I’m just now getting my life together.It helped me realize how bad things can get and appreciate how far I’ve come. If I had settled down by age twenty, I would have never realized what it’s like to really hit rock bottom, and wouldn’t appreciate anything, including my wife. Today, I appreciate my girlfriend more than anything, and I believe this is part of the reason. For ten years, I couldn’t even get a second date. Now, not only did I get a second date, but I’m on the cusp of starting a new life with someone who I wouldn’t have even imagined saying ‘hi’ to just two years ago.

However, I am still aging. My hair will fall out. My hip, which was just diagnosed with dysplasia, will give out. I will eventually care if my taxes get raised. I’m not a child anymore, and I really have no room to mess around. I can’t really sleep in anymore unless I’m sick, and even then, I really can’t. I can’t go to McDonalds everyday anymore. I can’t build forts anymore, because my sheets no longer have cartoons on them, so they would just end up looking like tents.

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