Building Attraction with Females – Part 2b

by jpompey under JDate,Online Dating,Relationships

In my last blog entry we discussed the importance of showing alpha male qualities when you are online dating.  In order to show these qualities, we must learn how to do so.  In my online dating guide I spend many chapters discussing this intricate process, however, the following are a few quick tips that you can apply immediately:

1.  Avoid what I refer to as “weak language” or “weak statements.”  An example of a weak statement would be, “Do you want to go out sometime?”  An example of a strong statement would be, “We should go out sometime.”

2.  Use your pictures to your advantage.  Demonstrate your alpha male qualities by creating a photo album designed to show off your alpha male qualities.

3.  Demonstrate and create the image that you are a male who is used to being surrounded by females at all times.  This can be done through your profiles, emails, messages, conversations and dates, with ease.  There are hundreds of subtle ways to infuse this into your online dating life.

One example: Spike your stories with subtle details that create the image of women being in your life at all times.

In my next entry we move on to building attraction through humor.