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Right now, I care way more about myself than I do America. I don’t think that’s unpatriotic. It would be unpatriotic if I cared more about a different country, but I don’t. However, I suppose it’s selfish to care about myself more than I do about some flawed man-made construct that is decaying from the inside.

This is really hard to write about, mostly because I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. If I was not born and raised in America, I am 100% certain that I would be dead right now. I need all of my middle class luxuries. How do people in third world countries wake up without digital alarm clocks? Oh right, probably extreme hunger.

Four years ago, I didn’t care about myself at all. I also was not in a relationship, and had to focus my care elsewhere. I focused it on America. I think it was a mix of that and the fact that I was influenced by the fact that I was still in a college atmosphere, and college kids tend to care about things like politics and are idealistic and haven’t failed miserably in life yet, which is usually why they were able to go to college. After college, according to Romney, 50% of graduates can’t find a job. I would assume that this harsh realization forces people to narrow their world scope to themselves so they don’t starve or freeze to death. Once they earn enough money to be comfortable, they look outward again. Depending on the amount of money they earn and the part of the country in which they live, they vote accordingly.

Right now, I just don’t care about politics. No matter who we vote for, as I’ve said before, it doesn’t matter. We’re all doomed, and terrible things are coming. I’ve decided to focus inward toward myself and people I care about rather than external forces I have little to no control over. Think of it this way, if you knew that an asteroid was going to hit the earth tomorrow, which very much may happen, would you grab a gun and frantically shoot into the sky, or would you spend time with those you love? Exactly. Me too. Let’s stockpile our weapons and save the world.

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Hot Lunch

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There are those times when you venture out into the world and expect to meet someone. You have your girls, you’re ready to meet that guy and wearing stilettos that will get the job done. Then there are those times where you go to lunch with your grandmother and end up leaving with a date. Apparently a hot lunch was the special that day. I walked in for a much needed break from the sale seeking scavengers at my all time fave department store, and before I could even make it to the hostess I was being seated by a hot server – in his section (which I’m sure he had nothing to do with). Long story short, my sexy server and I didn’t waste any time – and I didn’t hesitate to order that day’s special right off the menu. So I guess the moral in this hopefully happily ever after is (which btw is hopefully not a TBC kind of saga) is that dates are hiding where you least expect them. And even when you think they’ve been taken off the menu for good, nine times out of ten the chefs in sunny So Cal are still happy to oblige. Besides, ordering what everyone in America has privy to is so completely last year. So make sure to be so 3008, instead of two-thousand and late, and you’ll score a McHottie over milkshakes post-haste. And in this horrendous heat – keeping cool has never sounded so hot.