Hollywood Yenta Roundup: Bar Refaeli, Jonah Hill and Aly Raisman…

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1. Bar Refaeli May Someday Join JDate

Single Jewish men everywhere: have hope because Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli says she may someday consider joining JDate!

Refaeli was recently ranked at the very top of Maxim’s Hot 100 list and was quoted in the magazine’s September issue saying that becoming a Jdater® may be a good option for her in the future! The famous ex-girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio says if she is still single in 13 years, it could happen! “Maybe if I’m still single when I’m 40,” Refaeli says, “but not for now.”

13 years may seem like a long time, but good things come to those who wait!


2. Jonah Hill is a Creepy Paparazzo

Jonah Hill now knows what it feels like to be a member of the paparazzi! The Jewish actor says he is “embarrassed” after being caught taking pictures after a woman who gave birth suddenly in a park.

The actor stumbled upon a scene in New York City last week where a woman was in the middle of child birth. Hill, who had to have been shocked by what was happening, stopped to take pictures of the birth and the aftermath on his cell phone. He awkwardly even photographed the placenta!

What Hill didn’t know was that he was also caught on film by a nearby paparazzo! Hill says he was embarrassed by the events and later Tweeted, “Craziest thing I’ve ever seen. A woman gave birth next to me in a park. I took a picture of the placenta and TMZ caught me. Embarrassing.” Yep, you should definitely be embarrassed by that one!


3. Aly Raisman is Headed to Israel

Jewish gymnast Aly Raisman has accepted an invitation from Israeli government officials to visit Israel. Raisman, who performed a floor routine to the melody of the Hebrew folk song “Hava Nagilah” during the London Olympics, won an individual gold medal in her floor exercise last week and a bronze on the balance beam.

The Jerusalem Post reported that Yuli Edelstein, Israel’s Diaspora Affairs Minister, wrote an impassioned letter congratulating Raisman on her Olympics achievements and then invited the 18-year-old gymnasts to visit.

“For me personally, as the minister in charge of relations with Diaspora Jewry, hearing why you chose the song made me realize that the concept of Kol Israel Arevim Zeh Lazeh [All Jews are responsible for one another] still holds true and that the Jewish people remain united no matter how far apart we may live.” Edelstein said in a letter to Raisman. “I was impressed that someone so young made such a monumental, ethical decision.”

Superwoman Without a Cape

by Tamar Caspi under Relationships

Dear Tamar,

I’m intimidated by men who seem to want everything in one person. They want a woman who is: compassionate, caring, a gourmet cook, active in hiking, scuba diving, in-line roller skating and other activities that I have never done. Superwoman doesn’t exist, or didn’t they get the memo? How am I supposed to measure up?

Dear Superwoman Without a Cape,

My friends and I like to joke that men are looking for a Jewish girl who is a supermodel with straight blonde hair, blue eyes, none of the curves that we’re known for having and, oh yeah, she should surf. Aside from Bar Refaeli, that woman does not exist. At least your list is about personality and hobbies, and not just about looks! Really though, I think that men, like women, have a list a mile long and hope that the person they fall in love with will encompass most of those traits, but you can’t wait for someone to come along who fulfills all of them. I admit that I had a list and yes, my husband meets many of my criteria and because of that I was able and willing to compromise, or give up, on the items he didn’t meet. That sounds harsh, but it’s not.

Instead of focusing on the things you don’t do, mention the traits you do bring to the table and be willing to try the hobbies that a prospect may have that you don’t and on the same hand see if a prospect would like you to teach him or her your hobby.

I also think sometimes people like to make themselves seem much more interesting than they really are due to insecurities. Maybe they snowboarded or kayaked one time, so they list it as something they enjoy doing. Don’t focus on these lists so intently, just see if there’s some kind of connection and go from there.