JDate Profiles are Getting Beta

by Tamar Caspi under Relationships

The NEW and IMPROVED JDate Profile is Beta Than Ever!

After perusing the latest tools on JDate I feel like the programmers read my mind. I remember wishing for things like this back when I was JDating®. Check it out, because now you can:

You can make notes (Y=Yes, N=No, M=Maybe) to help you keep track of who you’re interested in so you don’t have to get distracted by the Matches that don’t interest you. That too short or too old or too weird person won’t get in the way anymore! That girl who is cyberstalking you? Check N and you can more easily ignore her! That guy who has preyed on your girlfriends and has a reputation for being a player? You don’t have to pay attention to him anymore!

My favorite new addition is the history. When you check someone out you’ll be able to see what interactions you’ve already had with each other. I vividly recall not remembering if I had already exchanged emails with someone or not and then having to scramble to click on my emails, flirts, etc to see if I had. Now you’ll know right away. So that guy who cuts and pastes his emails and then forgot he wrote you and then sent you the same email again 4 months later? You’ll know it right away… and better yet, he won’t send the 2nd email because he’ll know he already spammed you! (Imagine my shock when my girlfriend showed up with the perpetrator at a party! I didn’t have the heart to tell her about his JDate shenanigans. Luckily they stopped dating a few months later.)

Finally, photos are larger — and therefore more clear — than ever. This means you need to add new, higher resolution photos since they’re being broadcast twice the size they are now. That photo that you grabbed off of your friend’s Facebook account and then cut yourself out of? It isn’t going to work as well anymore. Ask your friend to email you the original or take some new ones. Make sure you take a look back at your profile to make double check how your photos are appearing to the world. If they are too grainy or that pimple is suddenly visible, delete and find a new one.



New Profile!!!

by Tamar Caspi under Relationships

JDate has unveiled the beta version of the new profile makeover and it’s going to make your time on JDate easier than ever! Your excuse that you don’t have time is no longer plausible because JDate is doing the dirty work for you! Not only can you see all the photos nice ‘n big without having to go to the next page but JDate tells you right away what you have in common and lists what items are most important up front. That means no more searching for height, parental status, smoker or not or job and education — those non-negotiables are front and center so you can see if you’re a match right away.

The added scroll of photos at the t0p means it’s more important than ever to have your main photo be an eye catcher. That means it needs to be a close-up so people can see your face in a tiny thumbnail, it shouldn’t be a profile view or have anyone (or anything) in the pic with you. We want to see your face! No sunglasses, no hats, no dark photos without flash. You need to stand out in a sea of people. You have so many more options to post photos, save the underexposed one with your dog standing by the tall tree for option #4.