Patti Stanger is Single Again

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Last week Bravo! TV’s The Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger announced that she and her boyfriend of three years had split up. Patti got ahead of critics who would doubt her abilities as a matchmaker when she herself can’t seem to find a forever mate. And her statement is spot on:

“I’m a human and I own my issues… But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m incredibly good at my job. I excel at setting people up and helping them fall in love. Look, how many Pro Football Hall of Fame coaches have scored touchdowns in the Super Bowl? Coaching people into winning the big game is a different skillset than winning the big game yourself. I’m really good at being a love coach. In fact, I’d say I’m one of the best. But, at playing the love game myself? I’ve got some work to do and I’m chipping away at it. I know I’ll win my game soon, but until then, I’m going to keep being the best coach I can be.”

It reminds of the phrase “those who can’t do, teach,” and that’s exactly what Patti is doing. She can see the issues other people have and helps them to work on them while finding partners who would complement them — all the while she admits that she herself is a work in progress, setting a great example that none of us should ever stop trying to better ourselves.

I myself have admitted that my divorce, as well as most of my past relationships, made me better at dispensing dating advice. Does that mean I know everything about relationships? Absolutely not. Does that mean my relationship with my fiance is perfect? No. But, admitting that is what makes me — and Patti — good at what we do.


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#TheSinglesProject, Bravo! TV’s revolutionary show about singles dating in real-time with input from the Twitterverse, has become must-see TV.

The eligible bachelor and bachelorettes run the gamut of different “types” in the dating world right now. We have seen them date their status quo and then allow others — friends, family, and Twitter — weigh in on who they should date next. Most times the set-up fails miserably, but it is nonetheless interesting to observe who others think is right for each person. The best part about the show is seeing how the singles — Tabasum, Lee, Ericka, Joey, Brian, and Kerry — see themselves on TV and read about themselves on Twitter… and then make changes to how they each think and act.

If nothing else, the show has provided a unique microscope for which singles to examine their lives and make adjustments accordingly. Would you go on a show like this?

Princesses: Long Island

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I don’t know where to begin. This show blows in every week and yet I’m compelled to watch it like a train wreck every week. Six single Jewish gals in their late 20’s living in Long Island and trying to figure out why they’re still living at home and not yet married. This show certainly isn’t going to help!

Alas, it’s real and there are elements here and there which every single can connect to: Whether it’s going out on a blind date where the guy flirted with other women (see Ashlee’s date with Marcos) or going out on a set-up with a guy who compliments a woman by calling her moody (see Chanel’s date with Nati) or having doubts about your feelings for your significant other (see Erica’s hesitancy with her boyfriend Rob). Sure it’s extreme and some of these women need to cut the umbilical cord (Ashlee) while others show what it’s like to be a hard worker (see Casey and Joey) and not have everything handed to you on a silver platter. While it may be honorable to live at home until you get married and to not move in with your significant other until you’re engaged, there comes a point where it’s no longer healthy, and these women do a perfect job of showing us why. Then again, if marrying “well” is your #1 priority, then there’s no reason to leave Daddy’s house.

I’ll probably revisit some lessons learned from the show again, but for now here’s a worthwhile idea: if you’re 30 years old, have never lived outside your parents’ home, and consider your parents to be your BFFs, but are desperately seeking a spouse, then jump ship and do it fast! The most attractive thing in a single is confidence — and if you can confidently move out and make it on your own, you will have even more self-respect, and therefore attract more prospects.