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The dating scene in uber sunny So Cal is great for a million different reasons, namely the variety of options it offers its chic inhabitants when it comes to courting. This week, I suggest taking a break from those haute Hollywood nights and heading over the canyon and straight to the beach! Just because this swine flu sitch has utterly cramped my would-be sun-soaked Cancun extravaganza, does not mean it will keep me from enjoying a little fun in the sun. Come hell or high water, I am getting a tan this summer and I am trading in my porcelain persona for a not exactly redder is better type deal, thanks to industrial strength SPF. One of my fave parts about California is our thousands of hideaway beaches begging locals only to come and bask in the often too strong but oh-so-tempting UVA. Just make sure you and your date, or friends, stock up on the post excursion aloe, because getting high on sun stroke is a less then likely way to score a second date with your little beach bunny. See you at…well, I’m not giving away my favorite place to frequent, so find your own! I do promise a beachy-keen time, where the people watching alone is incentive enough- of course, that holds true for almost every Los Angeles locale.

International House of Partying

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This past Monday night, I ventured past the hills and into West Hollywood for what I thought would be just another night out of drinking and dancing. When I got to Apple lounge, I inadvertently found myself in the middle of matzo ball madness, and it seems I should have brought a passport in order to gain admittance to this direct import from the Holy land. It was insanity as soon as I walked through the door. Between the jewtastic mob of people and the various exclamations of Hebrew phrases, I was considering adding rosetta stone to my next birthday wishlist. I had several encounters with people from my past right there in my present and I instantaneously had flash backs to the Schmooz-A-Palooza, where a girl can’t walk 10 feet before running into some former friend, bringing the six degrees of Jewish separation to life in a whole new way. Israeli music was mixed in to mingle with whatever has recently dropped on Power 106, and the dancefloor was like a mob scene that could rival Times Square on any given New Year’s Eve. All in all, the entire evening offered a much needed break for jaded young Hollywood enthusiasts and this alternative form of play was long overdue. In a city where a girl can eat cuisine from various continents with all the ease and grace of a seasoned celebrity posessing unlimited funds, she should be able to party like one. My late night IHOP (international house of partying) escapade was a success and had me lusting for another out of country experience. Yesterday Israeli Insanity, today California casual, tomorrow Cancun!

Pseudo-Spring Break!

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Spring break is in full swing and it’s made bottled blondes and faux tanning as American as apple pie (with a slightly greater health risk than those oh-so-totally-worth-it calories). So as seems to be a recurring theme with my life lately, I am in serious need of an adventure, a change, and clearly a tan before my porcelain skin is replaced with a bronze glow and “pale is the new tan” is no longer making headlines. Lucky for me, JDate has conveniently planned a pseudo-spring break for Memorial Day weekend and I am more than on board! I have recruited my fave wing girl, and we’re both excited to leave Los Angeles behind in favor of a trendier resort locale. So, I am advising that you all consider doing the same as well; Palm Desert and Sin City were clearly so 2008 anyway. Before you pack the SPF and leave Los Scandalous to join Jimmy Buffet’s search for his lost shaker of salt, I advise that you prepare yourself for a UV saturated sea-soaked good time. The countdown is on and I have two months until the BFF and I leave sunny So Cal in the hopes of becoming sun lightened in Cancun. Viva Mexico, margaritas and Monsieur Cuervo.