Coffee Break

by Tamar Caspi under Date Night,Relationships

I’m anti-coffee dates for first dates. A coffee date sends the message that you don’t have faith the date will succeed and therefore don’t want to waste your time, money or effort. You’re not willing to risk your Friday or Saturday night, you’re not willing to take the time to get dressed up and you’re not willing to shell out the cash for a nice dinner. A coffee date only has to last as long as your Tall Mocha Latte, and if you arrive first you can go ahead and order for yourself eliminating the awkwardness of dealing with the bill. There’s less pressure, but it affects your mindset of the date, and that’s more important. I know you’re probably burnt out and have limited time available, but this is your Beshert we’re talking about — if he or she isn’t worth more than coffee, then (s)he is probably not your Beshert.

Pass the Resume Please

by SWEETADVENTURE8 under JBloggers,Online Dating,Single Life

How many of these coffee interview-like dates have we all been on?  If I just passed my resume across the table (the generic discussion of my education and job history), the date would have taken care of itself.  Then I could speed-dial my mom to fill in the family part.  And boy, would she be excited to be involved in the process.  Mom probably believes she could do a better screening in my romantic life, considering I’m still single.

Rarely do you have one of these coffee dates filled with constant laughter and wit.  Thank you, Mr. Flowerman. You saved me from my eyes being glazed over reciting my resume which I happen to know like the back of my hand.  Two hours of wit and laughter later, it was definitely time well spent.