Secret Admirer — HELP!

by Tamar Caspi under Date Night,JDate,Online Dating,Single Life

Hi Tamar,

Can you give me some insight into the Secret Admirer situation on JDate? I’ve only been on the site for a week, but this game already has me so off-keel that I’ve started blocking everyone whose profile shows up in these things because of the likelihood that one of these people is playing games and wasting my time (I read a blog post by another JBlogger saying that when he gets these Secret Admirer messages he says yes to everyone, regardless of whether he’s interested in them, just to find out who’s interested in him — if that’s the case, I’d rather not ever show up in that person’s list of potential Secret Admirers, so I block my profile from showing up in their search feed).

Is there a way to step back from this nuclear option before I block everyone?¬†Even if I didn’t block the guys, but just ignore the messages, I’m potentially turning away people who might actually make a good match, or at least a fun date.



Dear Strung-Out on Secret Admirer:

You’ve blocked everyone who selects you as a match on Secret Admirer? Oy vey! First you need to start with un-blocking everyone. You have no idea which guys were possibly playing “the game” and which weren’t… and now you’ve systematically eliminated all of them!

Do some people treat Secret Admirer like a game? Sure. But, why is that so bad? If you take it seriously, then what is there to lose? If you don’t want to think about who is possibly playing the game and who isn’t, then just wait and let any matches¬†email you first. Try not to let a simple algorithm get the best of you. Dating is frustrating enough without complicating things that are supposed to make it easier!

Commitment Concerns

by Tamar Caspi under Relationships

You say you want to be in a committed relationship that will lead to a long-lasting, forever marriage til death do you part, but yet you’re not even fully committed to dating effectively! Dating is something that needs to be taken seriously – all the while having fun, of course – and it’s not for the weak. Dating is a good test run for relationships because if you think dating is hard, marriage is infinitely more difficult. Marriage is more fulfilling too, but life only gets more complicated in other ways. Learn about your interpersonal skills during dates because they are techniques you will need to use as a husband or wife. Communicating effectively, listening well, compromising, and other good habits you can foster during dating and use during marriage. If you want to get married then don’t give up on dating!