The #1 Thing Women Want…That You Don’t Have (Yet)

by Tripp under Relationships

So, what’s the #1 thing that women want?


It’s not the easiest thing in the world to obtain but it sure does attract the ladies.

So how do we gain confidence? Well, you could hire a dating coach to help you (hint, hint) or you could read the rest of this blog post to find out exactly how.

1) Failure IS an option

The more and more we fear failure the less and less we try. And the less and less we try, the less likely we are to get ANY results. Without results we cannot build confidence. How do we know we can succeed at something unless we give it a go? It’s gonna take a few failures to get there so what are you waiting for? You see that cute girl online, message her. You want to say something flirty, go for it. In order to gain true confidence, we have to believe in ourselves and seeing success results is proof in the kosher pudding.

2) Drop the Ego Like A Bad Habit

Once you let go of your ego clarity comes your way. Your mind is free from the burden of excuses and negative thoughts. Your ego holds you back from taking action, taking risks and taking out the next cute girl on a date. In order to exhibit true confidence you can’t rely on the mess of your thoughts to stop you from ever making a move. The next time you come up with a new reason not to take a chance, don’t listen to your jumbled anxiety and read this blog post again. Remember, the only thing ever getting in the way…is you.

3) Take Baby Steps

In order to increase confidence in any area of life, taking the baby step approach will be your best method. Small steps will ensure you are headed in the right direction and constantly moving forward. To conquer your fear, take life head on, but one step at a time. Remember when you learned how to ride a bike? Did you just hop on and go? No, probably not. You started on the tricycle. Then, when you were ready, you got on the big boy bike. Remember, one baby step for you, one giant leap for your confidence.

Those are 3 surefire ways to boost confidence in yourself. You’re going to need it because the ladies dig it. Stop being unsure and get out there! Like I always say: Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.

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Building Attraction with Females Part 2

by jpompey under Relationships

In my last blog (see below) I delved into the unique nature of the female mind.  The previous entry focused on the fact that the female mind can develop strong feelings of attraction towards a guy for many different reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with looks.   While these methods are all proven to generate attraction, they are largely unknown by much of the male population and what we will be discussing each week.

Today’s attraction builder – Showing that you have alpha male qualities.

What are alpha male qualities?

-       Being a leader among your social group.

-       Showing that you are a male that is confident and sure of himself.

-       Appearing to be somebody that could not only take care of himself, but take care of others, as well.

-       Having the ability to take charge of a situation when needed.

-       Acting ss if you are not “hopeful” that a female will give you a chance at a date but, rather, “knowing” that you will receive a date.

Why do these qualities result in attraction?  As we briefly touched upon last time, evolutionary instincts cause women to seek these types of men out.  To put it in Laymen’s terms, since the beginning of time women have sought out “protectors,” as well as men who could provide for them as a means of survival.  This still drives attraction in women to this day. In modern times the “protector” is seen as a man that has all the qualities of the alpha male described above.

How do we show all these qualities online?  Unfortunately I only have three paragraphs to provide online dating advice in this blog and discussing how to show them in detail would require much more.  Next time we will specifically discuss ways we can show these qualities online.