The 3 Best Things You Can Do After the First Date (for men)

by Tripp under Relationships

Hopefully when you’re doing online dating you actually meet a person you would like to see again.

If that’s the case, then you’re doing great!

But, a lot of times it can go downhill after the first date. Let me help you out:

Here are 3 of the best things you can do after a first date to grow the connection between you and the girl:

1) Setting up the Second Date

A few quick “hello’s” and “how are you’s” aren’t the worst thing in the world via text. But, if you want to take it to the next level with a girl, it’s best you call to setup the second date. You’ve already made a strong connection with her, so why lose it by texting? Girls like it when you call. Most even like a call to setup the first date. Either way, pick up the phone to setup the next meet. It will make you that much more chivalrous.

2) Don’t Expect Quick Sex

After the first date has gone by a lot of men feel the need to push it fast physically. Instead, slow it down and get a read on her. Is she very touchy feely? Is she giving you the %&*$ me eyes? Look for signs before you persist! If you don’t see any then take things slow because she might want too also. If you are pushing her to stay over on the second date she might get a little scared of your eagerness and back off. Keep it classy.

3) Setup a Friends Meetup

This is not mandatory but definitely keep it in mind after the first date. If you really liked this girl then it’s not a bad idea to invite her out to one of your social functions or meet up at one of hers. One of the best ways to gain trust is to get her closer to your friends. Again, this is something you might have to feel out depending on how well you connect on the first date. If things were super comfortable and went well, then getting her out to meet your buds might be a good way to give her a sneak peak into your world.

Those are just a handful of ways you can build a deeper connection with a girl after the first date. List some others in the comments below, I would love to hear them!

3 Important Tips to Remember Before the First Date

by Tripp under Online Dating,Single Life

So you’ve been messaging back and forth with that cute punum the past week and you finally set up a date. Maybe you even had a phone call beforehand and got to know each other. The date is set and the place is picked. To help ensure you make it a successful date, I’ve made a list of three essential steps to take:

1) Relax

Don’t go into this thinking he/she will be your future husband or wife. Take it slow. A lot of people get super excited about dates and think “this may be ‘The One.'” If you go into a date with that mindset, then you will set yourself up to lose. Instead, think about this date as another experience you get to have with an interesting person. Heck, you already qualified them for what you’re looking for. Now, enjoy the time together and don’t rush it.

2) Dress The Part

This advice is mostly for the guys here. Dress up! This is a date. Think Friday Night Services. You want to impress your date and look good, right? Put on a decent collared shirt (make sure it fits) and a nice pair of shoes. Women give extra special bonus points to the guys who know how to dress. Girls, I’m sure you got this part handled.

3) Bring the Energy!

Yes, I said to relax, so this might seem a little contradictory. But, dates are about fun! If you aren’t eager to be there, then you will put your date off. Ask them intriguing questions. Tell them your funniest stories (don’t get too crazy). And have fun. When you enjoy the moment, the people around you will enjoy it too. It’s never enough to just show up. Bring your A-game.

Those are the most important tips to having a successful date #1. Follow these three tips and you will be on your way to a successful date #2. That is what you want, isn’t it?

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