You Got Game?

by Tamar Caspi under Date Night,Single Life

How can you tell when someone is playing the dating game versus being just marginally interested? How can you tell when someone is trying to act like they’re too cool versus actually thinking they are too cool?

Not calling until the second day is part of the game, but calling on the third day means the person is probably just marginally interested.

Making plans for the weekend on a Wednesday (for Friday) or Thursday (for Saturday) is acting cool, but waiting until the weekend to make plans is someone who thinks they’re too cool.

Waiting until the day before a date to confirm is part of the game, but waiting until the day of a date means the person is probably just marginally interested.

Playing the dating game is an unfortunate necessity in the beginning. It will help you take your time and not jump into anything too fast or come off as desperate. Call within two days of meeting someone, make plans by the middle of the week for the weekend, and confirm your plans the day before… otherwise you run the risk of losing your potential date by playing too cool.

This Is Just Real Talk

by RollingStone9862 under Relationships

Alright, that’s enough, both sides stop it! Stop it right now before someone really gets hurt!

Guys – if you go out with a woman, and don’t want to see her again, then don’t make ANY indications that you are going to call her. Because when you do that, you lead her on, and that leads to the development of expectations and her eventually being let down.

Ladies – if you go out with a guy, and aren’t interested in going out with him again, then just say so.  Please don’t say that you want to go out on another date in order to “spare our feelings,” because we all know you really aren’t doing it for us.

You see all this game playing and posturing is nonsense! Utter nonsense!

How old are we?

At 27 I consider myself to be a “big boy,” and think I am quite capable of handling the rejection that results from being turned down by a woman for a date. However, when I do begin to lose my patience, and act like a baby, is when women tell me they had a great time and want to go out again but never return my calls or texts trying to make plans.

I am fully aware that on the other side of this, women experience the same frustrations when it comes to men saying, at the end of the night, that they’ll call them, but never do; which is why I am calling out both sexes in this piece.

So just stop it. Stop all the game playing and rhetoric because that leads to people being led on, which I promise you hurts them more than if you would have just nicely rejected them in the first place.