Are good girls a turn off?

by jpompey under Relationships

In some of my other blog entries I discussed the fact that men are highly attracted to bad girls for various reasons.

However, does this mean that on the flip side, being a good girl is actually a turn off?

When I think of good girls, on the one hand I see a smiling happy couple, a beautiful house, a long lasting relationship with kids playing on the front lawn.

Then there is the dark side of me that sees someone that is uptight, never lets me do what I want, tries to always be perfect, and when it comes to one on one time, well…

Let’s keep this G Rated shall we? ;)

The truth is, I more often see a good girl as something somewhat desirable, but lacking everything I truly want.

Where is the balance?  Is it possible to have a girlfriend that is good girl half the week and bad-ass come weekend?!  How about a beautiful, sexy woman, that is full of tattoos, is up for anything, but is a saint underneath it all?

Maybe I’m just never happy, but I want both!

We all love a good / bad girl! Part 1

by jpompey under Relationships,Single Life

It’s so wrong, yet feels so right…

I see a bad girl, who is clearly wrong for me, yet I cannot look away or rid myself of the intrigue.  And I know I am far from the only one.  In fact, most men are attracted to bad girls.

Why exactly do men enjoy dating bad girls so much?  Are we really that weak?

While there are many reasons, dating a bad girl has to do with the promise of fun and sexuality.  When we see a bad gir,l such as Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie, we see a wild side; a side that knows how to have fun, be exciting, and will be anything but uptight. 

We see a break from the ordinary day to day life, and a new adventure waiting for us.  In addition, we see the promise of sexuality.  We have all these instant fantasies of how great things will be once we…


Times up!  More next time when I disect bad girls further in the next entry ;)