Start New, Start Now

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I believe in any excuse to commit to bettering yourself — whether it be January 1st or the Jewish New Year, the start of the school year or your birthday — find any excuse to start being a better you now.

The High Holy Days are a great time to do so since you get the opportunity to repent and redeem yourself. When you’re reading the alphabet of sins, and are able to unfortunately connect with a few of them (admit it, it’s way more than just a few!), then make a promise to yourself to be better starting now.

Stop judging prospects based on their bad photos or typos, stop speaking badly about others and gossiping about your dates or others in the community, stop lying and deceiving others whether in your profile or in person. And of course there are so many more ways to become a better person, don’t wait for December 31st… start now!

Start the New Year Right!

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Shana Tova to the dating MOTs!!!

Start the Jewish New Year off by revamping your JDate profile, paying for a membership if you’ve been relying on the free one, and contacting that perfect match (with the cute profile pic) who you’ve been playing “View My Profile” with for the past few weeks.

If you are frustrated with still being single this high holiday season, but you’re not being totally proactive, then you have no one to blame but yourself. Use this religious fresh start to jump-start your dating life.

Take new photos, rework your profile Q&A’s by using my tips from the past few weeks, ask your JMom for a six month membership…or just hit your wallet up (you’ll thank me later for the sound investment), and email that hot guy or gal you’ve been peeping.

Then enjoy:

Temple Temptation

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I noticed a few things at synagogue during this past High Holy Day season. It was always pretty easy to spot the singles in the crowd. New couples sit together with their heads touching, whispering in each other’s ears, holding hands during breaks and looking smug in their coupledom. Singles are the ones twisting and turning, craning their necks to scan the crowd looking for the other young adults sitting wedged between their doting grandparents and nosy parents. And since it’s the one time of the year when everyone, and I mean everyone, shows up that means all singles have to show up dressed to the nines (yet still respectful of course) because you never know who you’ll run into.

All the Bubbies in the crowd would call attention to the young gentlemen whom they thought were handsome and hearing loss means subtlety gave way to sheer embarrassment as the Bubbies would loudly whisper “Maybe he’s single Honey?” The Mothers wouldn’t even bother trying to be subtle and instead they would actually point – with their pointer fingers – at the single sons of their friends sitting in the congregation. What they never seemed to catch on to is that singles have their own routine down.

The singles will check out the crowd, make eye contact when possible, and brush the hair out of their eyes or scratch their heads with their left hands so that any hopefuls might be adept enough to catch the fact that the ring finger is bare. Bathroom breaks are timed so that as many young singles as possible would follow the lead and get up to go outside at the same time in order to mingle.

Temple is a great place to meet someone because you know right away that the person is family-oriented and you know what denomination they are. I don’t mean to be disrespectful of Judaism, but an opportunity is an opportunity. Kol Nidre is like an added Jewish singles event on the Community Calendar except everyone is dressed in suits instead of little black dresses. A large temple can mean seeing your JDate matches live and in person. Get the most out of the Jewish New Year and the Day of Atonement as possible: whether that means praying, meditating, meeting your special someone or all three. Trust me your Rabbi will be proud and honored to hear that a new couple met when they went outside for some fresh air during his thirty-minutes-too-long sermon.