Thanksgivukkah Gifts

by Tamar Caspi under Relationships

On the heels of Holiday Humdrum, another related subject about gifts often comes up with new couples during the holidays. If you recently got serious with a JDater and thought you’d have a chance to get through Thanksgiving and become more serious before having to figure out what you’re going to get your new significant other for Hanukkah… well, your luck is out this year and the pressure is on because Thanksgivukkah is quickly approaching.

There are a few things you can do to take the pressure off though. You can have a talk and decide to wait until New Year’s Eve to exchange gifts or you can decide to set a limit on what you will spend on each other or you can agree to forego gifts altogether while still making sure to celebrate together.

Finally, a typical “Jewish mother” reminder: when you go to someone’s home for a holiday party remember to bring some kind of hostess gift be it a candle, a bottle of wine, or flowers. If you are bringing someone home to your house or if you are going to someone else’s house to celebrate then offer to help even if you know you will be rejected and definitely take it upon yourself to help clear dishes after each course.

Dating Distractions — Holidays

by Tamar Caspi under JDate,Relationships,Single Life

This time of year there are so many dating distractions that it is even more difficult to find a serious prospect. ‘Tis the season to not get your hopes up about meeting someone new. So many singles are scared to get into a relationship between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve because of all the pressures of adding in the parties with friends and family when the relationship is too young for such serious introductions.

If you do happen to meet someone on JDate or at one of the various holiday mixers in November or December, don’t expect or demand plans for New Year’s Eve. If it happens, great! However, for some reason — probably that midnight kiss and that it “supposedly” means it’s who you’re going to spend that next year with — New Year’s Eve is one of those holidays that freaks people out when they’ve just started dating. If you are not ringing in 2013 together, then just send a little text when the ball drops saying, “Cheers to an amazing year!” or “Happy 2013!” or something along those lines. Don’t let the champagne go to your head though and send drunken text messages which you think are cute, but are actually really embarrassing/inappropriate/sending the wrong message.

Once January arrives you can start dating “normally” again without the pressures of the holidays —  and hopefully by Valentine’s Day you will have been going strong for long enough to make plans together.

Holiday Hope

by Tamar Caspi under Single Life

All these holiday parties give you ample opportunity to meet someone and start off the new year on the right path — in a relationship! Every community has their annual parties and JDate has taken many cities by storm with their celebrations, so take advantage. First, buy your tickets and GO! If you’re single, there is no excuse NOT to go! Even if you’re not in the city you reside in, there is still a party you can find. Next, dress to impress. Look your best! Finally, here are some great ways to start a conversation: if there’s a photographer at the party, grab him and ask him to take a photo of you — then go find your crush and set it up to make it look like the photog wanted a pic of you two. Then ask the photographer if you guys can see the pic and comment on how good you look together! This opens the door to exchanging names and so on. The photographer will more than likely post the photos on Facebook at which point you can tag yourself, wait for your crush to tag him or herself and then you can add each other. The same for parties with a photo booth. If you start talking to a crush, grab him or her plus the props and go have fun! This will allow your crush to see your fun side. Most of these booths spit out 2 copies of the photos, so grab them both and write your name and number on the back of one and give it to your crush. Using the free drink tickets, you can “buy” your crush a drink and joke over how much it cost you — just make sure to tip the bartender generously! Not only is it polite, but it’s impressive! Look for every opening and take every opportunity to start a conversation with someone new.