What should the ideal online dating profile accomplish?

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In my last blog entry I discussed the importance of creating a great online dating profile if you are a male.  While writing these may not be fun, it is extremely important to women and can make or break you.

But this raises the question:  What exactly makes an online dating profile high quality?  There are a number of things that you can do to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

1.  Learn the art of strong language use.  Try to write things that make you appear to be a strong, confident male, and avoid weak lanuage and clingy sounding statements that so many males accidentally use.

2.  Incorperate methods that build on attraction.  Branching off the first suggestion, not only dowe want to appear strong and confident, but we want to implement qualities such as demand, value, mystery, etc. that increase attraction levels in females.

3.  Show a little humor.  Most profiles say the same thing over and over and over and over and… Okay you get the idea.  Show a little humor, especially witty, funny humor.

4.  Be conversational.  Engage the reader through your writing.

These are just a few tips I usually write about to get you started.  Good luck!

Follow-Up Letter

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Dear Tamar,

What do I do if someone does not respond to my letter? Forget it or send another letter? And if so, should it be of a serious nature or humorous? Any ideas would be welcome.

Dear Follow-Up Letter,

Good question. On one hand you don’t want to be obnoxious and not recognize rejection, while on the other hand it never hurts to give it another shot. The trick here is to pay attention to their activity level — did she read the email? If not she may not be a paid member in which you’re wasting your time trying to contact her that way. If she did read your letter, has she logged on since? Make sure to give her some time to respond. Did she check out your profile after reading your email? If so, has she done so repeatedly? If you deem it worthy of your time to write another email then I most definitely believe that humor is the way to go. Women want nothing more than a man who will make them laugh. It will make her reevaluate why she didn’t respond the first time and pay you more mind.

Repeat or Delete?

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Dear Tamar,

I saw someone that I thought was really interesting so I sent her an email and asked her a question about something specific that I saw in her profile. She read the email and looked at my profile, but did not respond. The thing is, I really would like to communicate with her.  Should I try another route to approach her, or should I not be “that guy” and realize she is not interested?  Thanks!

Dear Repeat or Delete?,

The great thing about JDate is that you don’t lose anything by trying one more time. Sure, you could meet that person one day or have a friend in common, but for the most part chances are you’ll never run into each other so you’re not going to lose face by giving it one more shot. Both of you are on JDate to meet someone so why not try another route to get her attention? So far you’ve done everything right by asking her about something specific in her profile. She either isn’t interested, which is fine, or she’s ambivalent which means you have an opening to sway her in your direction. I would suggest trying the humor route, like “I saw that you checked me out, I hope my good looks didn’t scare you away” or something to that effect. Let her know that you know that she read your email and looked at your profile and try to appeal to her funny side — every girl likes a guy who can make her laugh! If she still doesn’t respond, then you know to move on.

Building Attraction with Females Part 3: Humor

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In my recent series of blog entries we have been discussing that there are many different ways that males can attract females online.  So far we have discussed the importance of showing some alpha male qualities here and there.

Today’s Attraction Builder:  Sense of Humor

Sense of humor is one of the easiest proven ways to not only generate high attraction, but generate high interest as well.  There are few things more appealing to a woman than a guy that has the ability to make her laugh all day and night.

Why?  It shows a few things:

  1. Women will know that they will always be entertained by you and never have to worry about being bored in life.
  2. Many women hesitate to grant a first date out of fear that it will be awkward or boring.  By demonstrating lots of humor you will circumvent this fear.
  3. Being funny shows you are of value to society, which hits on other attraction builders, as well.  Being funny makes you the type of person who people want to be around and who women are able to show off to family and friends as well.

So be sure to incorporate humor into all aspects of your online dating life.  This includes everything from your profile, to pick-up, to actual dates.  Next time we will discuss some actual methods on how to learn to build humor when picking up women online.


New Year’s Resolutions

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With 2011 being a New Year, it is a great time to make some New Year’s resolutions to get your dating life on track.  While New Year’s Resolutions are common and generic, let’s focus on online dating resolutions.  As you start this year, think about making the following improvements that will help to improve your online dating life.

Put up some new pictures – Put up some profile pictures that show your best assets.  Your photo album should be treated with care and carefully created.  The idea is to tell the story of your life through pictures.

Fix that profile – Writing an online dating profile requires a lot of effort and skill.  Look over that dusty old profile of 2010 and come up with a new profile that will help to build attraction and generate interest.

Improve your humor - The biggest way to generate interest in both males and females during an initial conversation is through humor.  Start finding ways to make your potential dates laugh through your emails and Instant Messages and rid yourself of repetitive small talk.

Improve your inner and outer health – Improving your physical health will not only make you more attractive to the opposite sex, but will increase your mental health, as well. This will provide you a tremendous boost in self confidence.

Follow these New Year’s Resolutions and you may just find your online dating life heating up for 2011.  So get to work!