Letting Yourself Go

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You work your whole life to make yourself desirable. If you’re lucky enough to find someone to spend the rest of your life with, what’s the point in maintaining it, other than wanting to extend your life with this person? Oh, I suppose that is why.

But honestly, it seems like a lot of people tend to let themselves go after they settle down. However, coming right off of a huge amount of weight loss and adherence to a strict diet, I am not planning on letting that happen anytime soon. I don’t really care what anybody thinks about my looks, other than my girlfriend, but that’s more than enough motivation. I always have to look my best for her. If I know I’m seeing her the next day, I make sure to take an extra long shower and to actually use a clean towel when drying myself off. You guys may wince at that, but how many guys out there use a clean towel every time they shower? Really? Do you understand how much laundry that takes? Especially when you only have one towel left because the rest are lost in a mountain of clothes strewn out on the floor of your closet?

My OCD goes into hyperdrive before I see her. I don’t cut any corners. If I own a hygienic product, I’m using it. I suddenly have a beard trimmer in my cabinet for some reason, and I’m for damn sure using it, and I have absolutely no facial hair.

I don’t believe that my motivation to better my physical self will change as my relationship develops. I’ve had a whole new mindset over the past year and a half. Nothing will stop me on my journey to chiseled super sex god.


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Manners are a difficult thing to have if you do not have them. It’s hard to open a door for a woman if you don’t know that you’re supposed to open a door for a woman. I always figure that doors are an individual experience. I open a door, I walk through the door, I let the door close, I’m now inside.  I don’t have time to be the administrator of some door opening service, expediting this process for whomever I am with. I’m not saying I won’t push the door open if someone is walking in behind me. However, to hold a door for an extra person, well that’s just ridiculous, and a complete waste of time I could be spending slowly dying alone because I won’t even take the time to hold open a door for another person.

Of course, on a date, I will hold a door open. I will let the woman order first. I will even not abandon her mid-meal. I do have a lot to work on, though. For example, when is it appropriate to pull her seat back before she sits down? It’s always appropriate? Okay. I never do that. Then when I don’t do that, I spend the rest of the evening obsessing over the fact that I didn’t do it and that on my next date, which will now most certainly be with somebody else, I will have to, which I know I won’t. People that don’t do this should put it on their profiles. ‘I’m super nice, but I will not pull my seat out for you. I don’t know why I won’t. But I won’t. Call me?’

And then there’s the school of thought that girls like jerks. I don’t know how this compares to guys with good manners, or if these two things are mutually exclusive. I’m neither a jerk nor do I have good manners, so there’s really no reason for anybody to like me. I think if you’re a jerk, you can’t be a nice guy pretending to be a jerk. However, manners can be learned.

However, by age 28, if you don’t have your manners down, then just go with what you have. I have good hygiene and I’m very friendly. I’m going with that. No matter what I say, what I do or don’t do, or where I take you, I promise you that I will smell fantastic. I think that says a lot. Or nothing. I don’t care.

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Personal Hygiene

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There are enough people on JDate already that can help you through this online dating experience.  But I have found that a good way to learn is through trial and error.  When it comes to dating, I have tried many things, and failed miserably. As a result, I am able to tell you what not to do, from talking online to that intimidating first encounter.  Each of my blog entries will try to focus on one thing you should try to avoid doing when talking to members of the opposite sex.  Today’s lesson is on personal hygiene.

I don’t want to sound hypocritical here because I have not always been conscious about my hygiene.  Though today my body is a beacon of unrestrained masculinity, it is also capable of emitting unconscionable odors if left unchecked.  Though my body went through the obligatory motions of puberty a long time ago, its ramifications are still felt today.

Jewish sleep away camp was, for me, an epiphany spurring proper body odor maintenance.  I had lived in Texas all my life, but had not yet lived for an extended period of time without air conditioning.  Camp, for me, was a nightmare, until we all went to a peculiar place called Wal-Mart.  It was there that I discovered one of man’s top three inventions of all time: antiperspirant/deodorant.  And as a side note, why do they make and market deodorant that is not also antiperspirant?  That seems counter-intuitive and cruel.  Who’s armpits smell but don’t sweat?  If yours do, tell me your secret!

In dating, personal hygiene is obviously important.  On a first date, no, you don’t have to go all out and wear cologne and after shave, though my dad might disagree.  Just remember the little things.  For example, if you eat a bulb of raw garlic right before a date, just stay calm and think about your situation.  Then brush your teeth for at least an hour.