Generic Likes

by AndyCowan under Online Dating

When leafing through profiles as of late, I’ve noticed quite a few where the woman’s list of things she likes didn’t distinguish her very much from other carbon-based lifeforms…

Dining… music… likes to laugh…

Who doesn’t enjoy ingesting food? Who doesn’t appreciate the result of notes strung together to form melodies? Who doesn’t embrace “the spontaneous sounds and movements of the face and body that are the instinctive expressions of amusement?” (Who doesn’t like Wikipedia?)

I, myself, would be more liable to remember candidates with quirkier likes:

Venting as I enjoy a mentally healthy salad by squeezing the water out of a head of lettuce as I simultaneously scream obscenities … Making the people in public places think I’m a somebody by engaging in imaginary conversations with Angelina Jolie on my cell phone… Telling a telemarketer who finally picks up after making me wait forever on hold that I’m the police, and they’re wanted for killing my time.

Great Catch!

by Tamar Caspi under Relationships

Dear Tamar,

I feel that I receive limited responses to my JDate profile and was wondering ways to attract women? I am tall with diverse interests but divorced (no children) and in my mid-40’s. Any suggestions?

Dear Great Catch!,

You are, in fact, a great catch based solely off of the information you just gave me. I know of dozens of women who would be interested in you! So that means you’re probably not representing your best self in your profile since you’re not receiving replies. Try taking new photos – this New Year’s is a great time to get some candid photos of you having fun and celebrating! Make sure your preferences are realistic. I know women in their early to mid-thirties who would be interested in you, but you will, without a doubt, have more luck with women in their late thirties to mid-forties, so your age range needs to be pretty broad. Finally, although I’ve now told you that you seem like you’re a great catch, make sure your About Me paragraph doesn’t come across as cocky. Nothing is worse than a guy who is a great catch and says so himself! Oh, and instead of just saying “diverse interests,” actually name some of them that are indeed diverse. Having broad preferences is good, making broad statements is not.