Eager for an Israeli

by Tamar Caspi under Relationships

Hi Tamar:

I am Israeli, recently divorced (from an Israeli) and very interested in meeting another Israeli woman. What’s the best way you know for achieving that?

Many thanks!

Dear Eager for an Israeli,

I would start with using the keyword search feature on JDate. Type in “Israeli” and see who appears. Make sure you Flirt, Hot List and Message the women who fit your preferences (aside from being Israeli). Since you are looking for something so specific then I would recommend expanding your location boundaries and age range as well. I would also highly recommend getting involved in your local Israeli community as well as the Jewish community at large because you never know where you may find your Beshert.

I don’t get messages back

by Tamar Caspi under Online Dating

Dear Tamar,

I’ve lived in Melbourne for a year now, and I don’t know what is with the Jewish girls here. I’ve sent emails to dozens of different women, and they even don’t expend an effort to answer something back. I have lost my motivation to correspond with any one of them. I feel they have no respect to Israelis. Maybe they think I want their help with residency? It’s total nonsense. What is your suggestion?
Yours Sincerely.


Dear I Don’t Get Messages Back,

Being the daughter and wife of Israelis, I understand the communication issue. This is what I recommend: make sure your JDate profile is solid. Get great photos (6 is a good amount) and have a native English-speaker edit your paragraphs. And be honest — state that English is not your first language. Also, have that friend help you form your initial emails, but once you get a response, try not to spend too much time online — meet the girl as soon as possible. The charm of Israelis comes across better in person. And try not to be so presumptuous about why a woman doesn’t respond to your emails. In fact, address it in a nice way in your profile — state why you moved to Australia and what you do there, just don’t mention residency, it’s nobody’s business. And of course, make sure your emails aren’t carbon copies, that is always obvious! Good luck, I hope this helps you get more responses!

The God Couple

by JeremySpoke under Israel,JFacts

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict can be condensed to a 12 by 16 foot room.  You may imagine that if an Israeli and a Palestinian both shared the same space as their living quarters, things could get ugly.  The Palestinian might claim that the sink on his side of the room is his ‘West Sink.’  The Israeli may claim the TV his Tel Avision.  The Israeli may relegate the Palestinian to a back corner of the room.  The Palestinian would retaliate by lighting his farts on fire, leaving the room smelling like butt-ane.  The Palestinian would go to the guys next door to ensure their loyalty.  In fact, he would get allegiance from virtually the entire floor.  The Israeli’s closest ally would be across campus, yet able to send representatives to his room due to their affluence.  By the end of the semester, both sides would be too tired to fight and eat a sandwich.

In reality, I know of an Israeli and a Palestinian who were college roommates for over two years.  I not only know of them, I know them.  I not only know them, but they are two of my best friends, as well as each other’s.  They were relatively good friends in high school, but grew closer in college.  From my experience being around them, the crisis in the Middle East rarely came up, if ever.  They were just people.  Though extremists on both sides might condemn this arrangement, it was a no-brainer for the two.

I am not completely sure, but I think they took a Middle Eastern Studies class together.  They also co-founded a short-lived campus organization whose sole intent was to get money from the university in order to see what they could do with it.  They both had many similar friends, including myself.  Hopefully, I will be able to hang out with them later tonight.