Day 3 – Life is Getting Even Better

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Guys: Just a wake up call if your single and want to meet beautiful accomplished women…JDate trip should be your next vacation. I’ve spoken to soo many amazing women here, and people in general. All I’m sayin..

After hittin some, spent the day chillin on the beach with an actual cocunut as a a beverage in hand. Did I mention how amazing this resort is?

Followed by fun at the pool, a cocktail party and lobster dinner…life is tough.

Of course the crowd convened in the perpetual and always fun martini bar. Tequila shots..I’m a pro now. And then to the disco for some salsa and to burn the calories. Can’t believe how quick the days fly.

Can’t believe tomorrow is the last full day. It seems there are a couple potential romances brewing among jdaters but more importantly everyone is having a fabulous time!!


It Would Have Been Enough…

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Over a year ago, fresh out of a long distance relationship with no holiday plans, I decided to give the JDate Puerto Rico trip a shot. Since I had never been to Puerto Rico and I love salsa and Latin influences, I figured how bad could lying on the beach in 80 degree weather with some MOTs be? Let’s just say I had low expectations.

Impetuously, I boarded the plane for Puerto Rico. On the first night, there was a big meet and greet dinner where a sweet, attractive, successful guy named David approached me. After several minutes of flirtatious banter, I was grinning…until he mentioned he was from California. Having just ended a bicoastal relationship, “LA David” was the last thing I was looking for – I wrote him off as “GU”– Geographically Undesirable.

The following day, as I met many new friends, I engaged in a variety of conversations, including a debate about the merits of the best baseball teams (White Sox, of course). My newest girlfriend was bewildered by my devotion to the White Sox, especially because her friend David (my flirting partner from the previous night) had expressed the same devotion and connection to the team. Based on some key elements of our conversation, she suggested David and I further get to know each other. Her reasoning?  “You are RELATED.” “Huh? I think I know who my family is.”  Well, apparently, I was wrong. It turns out, David was a third cousin I didn’t even know existed!

Fortunately, the upside was at that particular moment in time, I wasn’t open to long distance and didn’t even consider the possibility of David (in that light). The other upside? I met someone who has not only become a great friend, but someone special in my life that is part of my family tree.

Having 80 degree weather lying on the beaches with some salsa action Would Have Been Enough… But I was blessed and ended up meeting an amazing friend and cousin who I plan on having in my life for years to come.