Hollywood Yenta Roundup: Amanda Bynes, Omri Casspi, and Jerry Seinfeld…

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1. Amanda Bynes Heads to Court in a Classy Aqua-Colored Wig

Former Nickelodeon Star Amanda Bynes appeared in court today in a classy aqua-hued wig (and by classy, we mean trashy). The 27-year-old actress, whose mother is Jewish, showed up in a New York courtroom wearing the wig, which you can see here, as she faced a judge in connection with her alleged bong-throwing incident last May.

Bynes faces charges of reckless endangerment and attempted tampering with physical evidence after allegedly throwing a bong out of her 36th-floor Manhattan apartment window and smoking marijuana in the lobby of the building on May 23.

The actress was silent in court today as she was told to return Aug. 26 for another hearing. No word on whether or not the wig will be present at the next hearing.


2. Omri Casspi to Play Ball in the Lone Star State

Omri Casspi, the Israeli basketball phenom, is heading deep into the heart of Texas. The basketball star, who transplanted from Israel to play for the NBA in 2009, announced he plans to sign a two-year deal with the Houston Rockets for $2 million.

Casspi first played for the Sacramento Kings during his freshman NBA year in 2009; that was the year he became the first Israeli player ever to be picked up in the first round of the draft. In 2011, the 25-year-old moved to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Two years later, he’s heading to Houston to play for the Rockets.

“Casspi’s exodus from life as a King to a Cavalier to a Rocket in some ways resembles the history of Israel,” writes Adam Chandler for Tablet Magazine. “The land of Israel–like Houston–is a product of a 19th-century ideology and remains known for its technology, hot weather, a specific brand of Texasy-defiance and a strong belief in the right of self-defense.” Here’s hoping he feels at home as a Houston Rocket!


3. Jerry Seinfeld Celebrates Major Anniversary

One of TV’s best comedies celebrated a milestone last week. Seinfeld, “the show about nothing” that was created by two Jewish comedians, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, premiered 24 years ago this month on July 5, 1989.

Now in its 15th year of syndication, Seinfeld is beloved by old and new fans alike. In fact, Jerry Seinfeld, star of the series, says his three children (ages 13, 10 and 7) even watch the show!

If you want a good laugh, click here to view Buzzfeed’s “30 Ways Growing Up With Seinfeld Totally Messed You Up.” And did we mention @SeinfeldToday, the popular Twitter account that Tweets about what the show would be like if it were still on the air in 2013, consistently brings up JDate with Tweets like, “Jerry discovers his gf still uses her @JDate profile. Kramer leaves messages for the NSA in his emails. Newman reluctantly tries SoulCycle.” Apparently, Seinfeld doesn’t need to be taping new shows in order for fans to still get their fix!

The Soda Machine

by SWEETADVENTURE8 under JBloggers,Relationships

Jerry Seinfeld wisely observed that breaking up with someone was like trying to tip over a soda machine.  You can’t do it in one push.  You have to get it rocking.  Once it is moving and unstable, only then can you push it over.  In some occasions the exploding soda pop (i.e. relationship) can be rescued and resuscitated, but that happens only when both partners are committed and have the strong desire to push through the bumps and understand what is causing the hiccups in the first place.  We all know fights are never about the “actual” fight.  Once you discover the true cause of concern, the reality of the situation is usually unmasked.  The majority of the time it is “fear” of something.  Fear is one of the strongest motivations causing people to act in one manner or another.  No matter how you look at it, whether you are on the initiating or receiving end of pushing over a soda machine, it is never fun.  The potential you had romantically hoped for seems no longer viable.  If you dated a long time, you are possibly missing your best friend (and that is probably the toughest).  Usually, there are two routes: Some folks attempt to fry the same egg twice and start over giving it another shot; while others prefer to hope that a new bus is around the corner with new possibilities.  With Spring around the corner, here’s hoping for new beginnings in whichever form they may come.