Love at First JDate: Should You Judge a “Book” by Their Text Message?

by JenG under Date Night,JDate,Online Dating

The step after answering a couple of messages online, and the step before actually meeting a person – in person – is texting. If you’re lucky, it’s a phone call. But that rarely happens, these days. But sometimes, I find, those first text message interactions can make or break your final decision regarding whether or not to go on a date with that person. Should it? Should you judge someone by the frequency of their text messages? Or what they are saying? Or should you remember that people act differently in person than they do when they are behind a screen?

  • Do: Communicate with the person, whether via text or phone before meeting them. This will help you get to know them a bit more, and ensure your safety! Make sure this does not drag on for weeks – you still want to have things to learn about each other in person!
  • Don’t: Go out with the person if they make you feel uncomfortable over text. If there are red flags popping up, then listen to them! Don’t ignore your gut. Ever.

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Supreme Courting

by AndyCowan under Date Night

The Supreme Court has made their ruling about health care, but we won’t hear about it until June. What if there was a Supreme Court for dating?

I once annoyed a date of mine by pulling up into her driveway and gently tapping the horn. Once. And not a big honk, mind you. I saw her image in the front window. We’d been out several times before; I’d called her en route letting her know I was running late for the movie. I was actually thinking the whole thing was kind of a sweet throwback to teens hooking up on a warm summer night. I opened the car door for her. In every other sense, I was the gentleman. But she was steamed. If I’d seen her with a “Honk if you love annoying me” bumper sticker, at least I would have had a clue. But again, it was a mini-toot, not a honk.

I’ll await your decision, Supremes.