The Millionaire Matchmaker Returns

by Tamar Caspi under Relationships

Everyone knows I love me some Patti Stanger and the newest season of The Millionaire Matchmaker is back for another go’round on Bravo! and this time there are some NJBs (nice, Jewish boys) who are also JDaters being featured! Patti herself talks about her new relationship — a beau she met on an online dating website (although not on JDate, so we can’t vouch for him). Yes, it’s a reality television show and it’s heavily staged and edited, but there are lessons to be learned.

Singles should watch the show not just for the laughs but to see what changes Patti wants her millionaires to make to grow as a person, why the millionaire does or doesn’t choose the suitors, what behaviors are acceptable or appalling, and take mental notes. Some of the examples may be extreme for entertainment’s sake, but find the teaching point of the exercise and learn from it.