Mac & Cheese

by SWEETADVENTURE8 under Relationships,Single Life

Sitting at the bar at the swank Waverly Inn in the West Village, engrossed by my date’s company, the ambiance, and the interesting people we were chatting it up with…. I rembered hearing that the Mac & Cheese was Stupendous (“and real”- have to throw in a Seinfeld quote every now and then) though not on the menu– You have to ask for it.  In short order, came an appropriately sized plate of Mac & Cheese with a server offering truffle topping.  I guess in my naivety, I figured how expensive can Mac & Cheese be.  Let it be known that though spectacular, this will likely be the most expensive Mac & Cheese I will eat in a long time.

I was quite embarrassed having initiated the request.  Though my date was nothing but a gentleman and didn’t seem to mind or hesitate, I felt embarrassed that it could possibly come off as a reflection of my self entitlement which I pride myself on not being.  When I’m on a date, I generally do assume my date who has asked me for the invite will take care of the bill.  Nonetheless, I make every effort to remain conscience of that fact and act in accordance (i.e. not ordering $60 Mac & Cheese).  This was just one of those honest oops… I’ve read enough guys complaining about women only after free meals, the last thing I want to do is perpetuate that rumor.

And Boys, all I can say is I’m not sure who these women are because my friends’ time is far more valuable than a meal.  Today where gender roles can get confusing and women can make more money than men, navigating waters can sometimes be perplexing.  But from a traditionalist perspective, know when it comes to the dating world we do sincerely appreciate the effort put into a nice evening and being treated like a lady, whether it includes Mac & Cheese or not.