Out with the Old….

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So most people know that when the Santa Ana’s blow, insanity often ensues. Pair that with the event of the year on December 24th, and I’m pretty sure we’ve got all the ingredients to make a recipe for an anything-can-happen type of evening (and we all know that anything involving cooking and me in the same sentence is like a kamikaze kitchen mission). Aside from the party of the year I’ll be fleeing the country and heading south of the border shortly after to join Jimmy Buffet in his search for that lost shaker of salt. Winter break is officially in full swing and while most people are engaging in some MMA-style moves at the mall to fight for the perfect present, we’re all done and kicking back with cocktails! Jealous much? The New Year is fast approaching and all I can say is that after oh-nine being merely fine, I hope that twenty-ten is nothing short of a dime- that’s top of the line. Since I have twenty-thousand things going on, and am multi-tasking like it’s going out of style, it’s no wonder that two people have asked me out in the past week. Figures, eh? No stressing though it just means I have something to do when I get back to the real world next year. Here’s to twenty-ten and a whole new year of insanity in Los Scandalous. See you December 24th for the biggest party of this year before we ring in the new one!

Round Two…

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One of the various perks of MMA training is that when you fall in lust with a fellow fighter and they happen to aggravate you, you can actually beat the living daylights out of them. You can channel said anger into a right cross that happens to end up in a fist-meet-face scenario. This type of very physical therapy is probably my favorite. Not only does it serve you in the future by making you even hotter than ever – it’s as if your motivation is right in front of your face! Could the urge to workout be any more convenient? I doubt it. In Los Scandalous, a land of too many size twos, where eating is a less-than- fabulous faux pas, a girl can use all the motivation to lose the lbs. that she can get. So even though he may have kicked you where it hurts (your heart), you can seek superficial vengeance when you accidentally feng shui his face. Welcome to the new form of psychiatric help. The less expensive one-on-one therapy that happens to keep you sane. So when your current crush turned crash wants more, show him what he’s in for. You can’t keep a good girl down, for too long…

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