Letting Yourself Go

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You work your whole life to make yourself desirable. If you’re lucky enough to find someone to spend the rest of your life with, what’s the point in maintaining it, other than wanting to extend your life with this person? Oh, I suppose that is why.

But honestly, it seems like a lot of people tend to let themselves go after they settle down. However, coming right off of a huge amount of weight loss and adherence to a strict diet, I am not planning on letting that happen anytime soon. I don’t really care what anybody thinks about my looks, other than my girlfriend, but that’s more than enough motivation. I always have to look my best for her. If I know I’m seeing her the next day, I make sure to take an extra long shower and to actually use a clean towel when drying myself off. You guys may wince at that, but how many guys out there use a clean towel every time they shower? Really? Do you understand how much laundry that takes? Especially when you only have one towel left because the rest are lost in a mountain of clothes strewn out on the floor of your closet?

My OCD goes into hyperdrive before I see her. I don’t cut any corners. If I own a hygienic product, I’m using it. I suddenly have a beard trimmer in my cabinet for some reason, and I’m for damn sure using it, and I have absolutely no facial hair.

I don’t believe that my motivation to better my physical self will change as my relationship develops. I’ve had a whole new mindset over the past year and a half. Nothing will stop me on my journey to chiseled super sex god.


by JeremySpoke under Success Stories

I hope that my recent run-in with motivation will continue to last now that I’m dating someone. The entire reason that I motivated myself in the first place was to find a girl. Now that I’ve found her, I’m finding it really hard to not constantly eat ribs and then immediately fall asleep, and then wake up once the acid from the ribs and sauce start burning my heart.

I think I’m deep enough into a productive routine to not fall back into that endless cycle of ribs/sleep/acid reflux. However, I now fully understand how people in relationships can really let themselves go. When my diet was at its height, I once had to pass out cupcakes, and got a bit of frosting on my fingertip, and instead of licking it off, I walked down the hall, into the bathroom, and wiped it off with a towel. Today, I wouldn’t pass out cupcakes in the first place because I would have eaten all of them and then gone to get some ribs.

Though my diet has eased up a bit, I’m really not letting myself go yet. I hope my girlfriend doesn’t end up liking me too much. I need to have a constant fear of rejection, or I will implode. For every compliment I receive, that’s the caloric equivalent of one extra cupcake per week. But please do not stop complimenting me. I’m emotionally weak, but I’d rather be physically weak.

Being unhealthy and not alone is perfectly acceptable to me. However, being unhealthy and alone is not. What good is some good ribs heartburn if you have nobody’s face to burp into? I think that is the definition of love.

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