Dating Inspiration for the New Year

by Caryn Alper under Judaism,Online Dating,Single Life

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

I don’t know who coined this phrase or when it started, but I know why it is (or was) popular: People love the opportunity to start over. To get rid of physical and mental clutter. To ctrl-alt-del your life. So what better time than the Jewish New Year to start “the rest of your life?” Note: I don’t typically like to get sappy or spiritual in my posts, but again, if there’s a time for it, it’s the High Holidays.

When I talk about starting over for the New Year, I don’t mean writing out New Year’s resolutions or necessarily starting a diet or exercise program (although, I don’t discourage it.)  I’m talking about assessing your year of dating — what went well? What needs improvement? And above all, ask yourself what you can do to work on your relationship with yourself.  To be comfortable alone. To be the best version of yourself. Because focusing on those things will likely result in better relationships with other people.

Just as Rosh Hashanah serves as judgment day between us and G-d, so too can it serve as a wakeup call to judge ourselves — to take stock of the year’s successes and plans for the future. Hearing the shofar blast is the ultimate spiritual wakeup call. It’s a time to reconnect to our mission in the world and feel inspired to take on the rest of the year.

In the world of dating, hearing the shofar might provide the hope we need to keep going, even if we’ve had a couple break-ups this year. Or maybe it serves as a reminder that you are a worthy and loveable person.  Or maybe it provides you with a sense of belonging to a community if you’re feeling particularly lonely.

So this year, instead of resting your eyes during the sermon, lurking around the lobby, or even scoping out the babes across the mechitza, listen to the shofar. Really listen to it. Hear the sounds, but also listen to the meaning it has for you personally.

I wish you a sweet and prosperous new year!

The Power of One

by Caryn Alper under JDate,Online Dating,Single Life

Because my first blog post was more of an introductory foray into JBlogging, I’ll use this one as my first “official” substantive post.  Enter: the obligatory New Year/new you/dating resolutions/fresh start motivational advice piece on how to snag a guy by simply being more positive, going to more events, and always looking your best.  If only it were that easy, right?  Instead, I offer to you a new mantra for the New Year: It only takes one. Dating is pretty much a numbers game, and I’ll talk about this more in a future post. But for now, I want to focus on the power of one.

According to my rigorous research (Google), online dating membership and activity peaks between January 1 and Valentine’s Day, and JDate is no exception.  This membership surge makes sense – people are resolving to look for love in the New Year, no one wants spend cold nights binge watching Netflix  alone, and maybe others were not-so-subtly gifted a JDate subscription from their mom for Hanukkah.  Whether you’re a long time online dater or new to the site, and whatever your reason for being here, take advantage of the post-holiday season because the numbers are currently in your favor!

So, how does this all tie together?  I’ll explain: With new members showing up in your search, it’s easy to scroll through new faces in pursuit of your perfect guy or girl. But this year, resolve to search for the person that is perfect for YOU, not perfect on paper, and not perfect for your friend.  Try something different this January – change one thing about your search criteria. It can be something as small as increasing your preferred age range by a couple years in either direction, or expanding your mileage, especially if you’re in a smaller city, or opening yourself up to a few more categories of religiosity.  I’m not asking you to buy a new wardrobe or dye your hair or even to revamp your profile for the New Year.  Just try out a more tailored, refined search in an effort to to increase the chances of finding your best match.

So what if expanding your age range or mileage gets you only one new match? Great! That’s another person in your personal numbers game, and who knows – he or she could be YOUR one. Remember, there might be hundreds of new people joining JDate, but for your purposes, it only takes one!

Love at First JDate: New Year, New Profile

by JenG under JDate,Online Dating,Single Life

2014 has side-stepped into your life and pressed the reset button. Everyone always says, “New year, new you.” The same should absolutely apply to your dating profile. I made my first-ever JDate profile last January and haven’t updated it since. While most of the information still remains true (my love for pizza and paperbacks), it’s time that I give writing my ‘about me’ another try and posting more updated photos.

  • Do: Change at least three things on your profile. The easiest and more beneficial things to change are your photos, your bio, and maybe one or two things you’re looking for in a match. Every year brings new experiences. Draw from some you had last year to help you articulate what you’re looking for this year.
  • Don’t: Delete the whole thing. There’s no need to! Plus, if you do that, you may be a bit overwhelmed. Use it as an outline or a skeleton and work on improving it from there.

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JDate Reaches New Milestone For New Year

by JDateAdministrator under JDate,Online Dating,Relationships,Success Stories,Weddings

We’re celebrating more than just the beginning of the Jewish New Year. A new study confirms that JDate is responsible for more Jewish marriages than all other dating sites combined. Of course we already knew this was true, but now we have the facts to back it up.

We recently commissioned an independent research company, ResearchNow, to survey nearly 1,000 married Jewish internet users. One of the most compelling findings: JDate is responsible for 52% of the marriages that started online, while only 17% of those surveyed met on® and 10% on eHarmony®.

Those who were surveyed were more likely to find a date on JDate than on any other online dating site. In fact, 63% of all online dates came from JDate. That’s three times more than Match and nine times more than eHarmony.

We couldn’t be happier about JDate’s success and contribution to the Jewish community, and are thrilled to share the good news!

Additional Highlights

·         5 out of 9 Jews married since 2008 used online dating during their search

·         63% of online dates amongst Jews originated at JDate

·         76% of Jewish online daters use JDate

·’s President even used JDate