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Dear Gems from Jen,

I am a successful pediatrician who finds that the men I meet are threatened by my title and success. How do I keep from scaring away men who are eligible? – Malka
Dear Malka,
My suggestion would be to look at your profile.  Does it talk more about you and your career rather than whom and what you are searching for?  Are you limiting your search to men who are in your same professional sphere?  Are you excluding men who might be great matches, but do not possess the same status or title that you have earned? Do you focus more on your successes and accomplishments rather than who you are? Our job titles do not define us, rather they complement us. I understand that we career women have worked very hard to get where we are, but that is only one aspect of ourselves. What do we stand for?  What makes us happy?  What makes us vulnerable? Who are we minus the career?  What makes us different from the next picture/profile on the list? How are we unique?  What qualities can we offer to a potential relationship? Refine your profile and let the real you shine through.
Secondly, men that are scared away by successful woman are lacking in their own self-confidence. It tends to threaten them. There are many eligible bachelors who are attracted to successful, accomplished women.  I just don’t believe you have found him yet.
Gems from Jen