Annoying Affection

by Tamar Caspi under Relationships

At some point in your dating career, you will end up with someone who is annoyingly affectionate. Usually you already have an inkling that this person isn’t “The One” — and so everything they do is annoying, but whether it’s a first date or a one-year anniversary, there are people out there who don’t realize their type of affection is anything but loving.

It’s those people who constantly touch you — regardless of if you’re eating, sleeping, in the midst of a fight, talking, walking, crying, getting ready, cooking, you get the point. Affection is (usually) welcome, as long as its the right amount at the right time. Some people don’t like to be touched when they are doing certain things or feeling a certain way and anyone interested in being with you long-term needs to learn to both read your body language and your moods!

Gaining Love Weight

by Tamar Caspi under Relationships

You’re on JDate looking for a relationship and meanwhile you’re probably looking at other couples and thinking: “when I fall in love I’m not going to gain weight like everyone else does!” Well, that’s easier said than done. Once you start dating someone seriously a few things tend to happen — you go out to eat more often, you choose to hang out with your new beau rather than hit the gym, and you sacrifice sleep for the sake of staying up late at night to talk. Those three things are the perfect storm to gaining love weight in the beginning of a relationship. It’s not impossible to avoid, but be prepared for it to happen. Chances are, both of you are gaining said weight so both of you can work together to lose the respective pounds too, but in the meantime you can try to order healthy without coming across as an anorexic, you can fit in even 30 minutes on the treadmill or on a run, and you can choose to put your zzzzz’s before your xxxxx’s and oooo’s. In fact, this way you will draw out the lovely honeymoon stage by making yourself ever so slightly unavailable for the sake of your health. No prospect will fault you for that and in fact, it will only be respected. If you still end up gaining the love weight, have fun doing so together and then bond over shedding it together as well.

Kiss and Make-Out

by Tamar Caspi under Relationships

Kissing is fun. Kissing without it being a means to an end (ie. sex) is even more fun. All too often the good old fashioned make-out session gets forgotten. But kissing until your lips tingle and your cheeks hurt and the skin around your mouth is raw is the best. Remember how that felt when you were in high school? Or when you first met your partner? It was amazing, right? So why allow it to stop? You two are the only ones responsible for ensuring you never lose that drive to just want to kiss until your lips are chapped as often as possible. Make a promise to your partner and to yourself that you won’t let it end. You may not always have the time or energy to have sex, but you can lock lips for five minutes, a half hour or even more without it turning into something more. And it’s amazing foreplay for when you do the deed. Really, it’s a win-win situation.