She Likes Dogs. I Like Quiet!

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You meet the perfect girl.  It took you long enough but she is just perfect in every way.

Only one problem:  She has a dog and it just doesn’t ever shut up.  This dog makes non-bearded Robin Williams seem calm.  (Why exactly does Robin Williams only act calm when he has a beard in movies or real life?)

Anyway, enough about my strange yet tingly fascination with Robin Williams and his beard.  What do you actually do in this situation?  If there is one thing about dog lovers it is that they LOVE dogs.  The mere mention of you suggesting that the dog is any less important than anyone other than Oprah will have them thinking you are cruel.

It’s a tough situation.  A dog never goes away.  If you don’t like them or even if you do like them it will never get easier.  It’s like having a child forever.

And get a small dog and forget about it.  The barking will drive you INSANE if you don’t train it right.  Believe me, I’ve missed many a day’s work the next day because the “but he’s so cute” dog kept me up till five in the morning.

Many dog lovers will say, “Well I’ll always take care of it as long as we have it.”

Ummm… let’s be real.  The second you are deeply committed and live together we all know who will be picking up fun little surprises with a plastic bag every day.

So, if you see an online profile with a girl that loves dogs and she’s perfect in every way, but you just aren’t into dogs or, in fact, just don’t like them, then take my advice and think before you get yourself started on something that you may not be able to handle one day.  Because, trust me, the dogs aren’t going anywhere!

Oy Mamasita

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“You’re not perfect, sport, and let me save you the suspense, she’s not either. The question is whether you’re perfect for each other.” (Robin Williams to Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting).  As the quote acknowledges we all have our issues and we all have our baggage (and if you don’t I would contend you haven’t truly lived).  The most important aspect of having issues/baggage I believe, is how you “deal” and how YOU allow it to affect your life.  This distinction is everything.
From being EU (Emotionally Unavailable) to Mommy issues, these obstacles have the likely ability to destroy relationships.  Such issues affect both genders I imagine differently, but as I date men I see it more frequently in men verses my women friends. These issues are displayed  in numerous ways, but generally ends with a self sabotage-like behavior based on the belief that the latest romantic interest will never measure up to mom’s expectations.  A recent date even told me he didn’t cut his hair short because he wasn’t sure his mom would like it.  And yes, he was in his forties…
Like I said, we all have issues that come in a variety of baggages.  But it is how you let them affect your life and how you deal, that is key. Oy Mommy.