You and Me, LLP. Easy?!?

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Often I hear such cliché statements. You’ll meet “The One” when you are least looking for them. I appreciate the concept, but to negate that myth in a New York minute, Romeo has not circumvented my doorman and knocked randomly on my Manhattan apartment.

Secondly, when it is right, it should be easy.  Like forming an LLP (okay, so I’m a lawyer), relationships involve getting to know the players, their distinct personalities, what makes sense, and where compromise is needed.  Sure, in some rare instances Partnerships function smooth as silk but that is the exception rather than the rule.  The mantra “it should be easy” is a misnomer in my mind. Relationships and marriage (involving different opinions on finances, nookie, children and the like) are not easy topics. On top of that, men and women generally process things differently. There is no question that eventually bylaws are a necessary component to assist individuals who merge into a partnership. Bumps in the road, challenges, compromises, fights are all a part of the process. I would contend that your reaction and how you deal with such bumps is the more valid measure of success as opposed to whether the relationship is easy! That and as long as you are smiling a lot more than you are not…seems like a good basis for a solid corporation.

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The Aha/Oh No moment/#43

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Before a blind date I find there is always a smidge of hopeful optimism and nervousness. I find myself wondering, ‘Can this be the this the One.. ?’  Then I refocus myself on enjoying the journey and getting to know the new possibilities that cross my path.  Hair, makeup, outfit, check.  In some instances the optimism is either affirmed or quickly dismissed as you walk through the door, smile and start engaging (or struggling) with conversation.  It is an easy going chemistry.  The “Aha” instinct becomes clear in most cases rather quickly.  Though many of the times the optimistic air is let out of the balloon, this process is still worth sticking to.  For no other reason as the many times as I have heard “it will happen when you least expect it,” Romeo has yet gotten past my doorman, knocked on my apartment door as I veg on the couch in my pjs with a glass of pinot noir.  Therefore I choose the alternative, having my pinot outside my apartment, meeting new friends and embracing the freedom and opportunities that come with being a singleton.

#43 A shout to the women: Steak Houses…Time and time again that is where all my guy friends tend to congregate for some purpose or another.