Menage a Trois

by SweetLo under JBloggers,Relationships,Single Life

Now, we’ve all heard about the popular practice of objectifying women, but today I’d like to raise awareness about a new trendy disorder catching fire across the nation faster than L.A.’s hillsides catch flame in fall: The maddening manipulation of men. Now ladies, baiting a man in L.A. and actually having him be worthy enough to reel in is hard, I totally get it. You’ve gone through all the scumbag fish in the sea that seem to hold the same amount of worth as plankton. Most have the attention span of a goldfish and that’s not helping our little complicated quest either. But restricting your boy to hanging out with other designated male friends simply won’t do! Rosie the Riveter would be rolling in her grave if guys were giving us the same restrictions with the opposite sex, so why in the world would we do that to them? We all know “that” girlfriend. The grim-reaper-like gal using a sickle to sever friendships that have been alive and kicking for years. Hell, you even make an effort to befriend the new addition to his love life! What do you get in return? A slap in the face, a drink spilt on a skirt, and clearly a not-so-cordial cut as supporting actress. Dude, it’s all about acceptance. Your friend likes a chick, you like a chick – and if she’s smart, she likes you too. Jealousy is a one way ticket back to Singleville and let’s face it, that city is already overpopulated. Ménage à trois are in again and hetero-hangout monogamy is so over. Spice up your platonic life and keep things exciting. You might just get thanked for your attitude outside the bedroom when you’re in there later. Get over yourself and figure out that some guys and gals really are just friends – and in a city where everything is fake – couldn’t you use someone who’s real (even if their breasts aren’t)?