Can We Learn From Steve Jobs Through Dating?

by jpompey under Relationships

With Steve Jobs’ recent passing, we have lost one of the great icons in American history.  As far as I am concerned, no man has ever been a more efficient CEO or built a more prestigous, pristine company in American history.

With that said, perhaps we can take away a few of the qualities that made him so successful and apply them to the online dating world.

1.  Be selective.

Steve Jobs was never afraid to be extremely selective in the way he built his empire.  His strongest ability was the ability to say no and just focus on a few select products and services.  The same should go for you.  You don’t have to meet every woman or guy you talk to online.  Be selective!

2.  Say a lot in a little.

Steve Jobs coined the phrase, “1,000 songs in your pocket” when introducing the IPod®.  This was a genius slogan that said everything in a sweet, compressed phrase.  Apply this to your emails.  Saying a lot while saying a little can go a long way!  Same goes for your profiles.  Learning how to market yourself is a great skill.

When all is said and done, we can learn a lot from the great Steve Jobs in all walks of life.   Never forget the legend who was Steve Jobs and allow his legacy to live on.