First Date Fashion Part II

by Caryn Alper under Date Night,Online Dating,Single Life

Last week, I talked about some general dating fashion tips, but this week, let’s get specific. How do you know what kind of date calls for what kind outfit? Check out the list below for some guidance:

Coffee date: Asking someone for coffee means “you’re a decent online conversationalist, and I’m ready to meet you in person, but I’m not willing to commit to anything involving time or money in case we don’t click in real life.” Due to the casual and brief nature of the coffee date, you’re allowed to look casual. However, because of the brief encounter, your first impression is even more important here. This means that you should take care to look good and presentable, even if you’re wearing casual clothes. Do not wear gym clothes, leggings, or anything that shows you clearly stopped by the date on the way from an activity that involves sweating.  A sundress, jeans, or a sweater dress and boots in the winter is perfect.

Drinks and/or dinner: I put drinks and dinner in the same category, because, if a drink date goes well, it will often lead to dinner.  Assuming this dinner date doesn’t involve a drive-thru window, look extra nice!  Ladies, this means a dress and heels (unless your date is shorter than you, in which case, use your discretion), or something equally dressy. Guys, slacks and a shirt always work – and tuck it in and use a belt!

An “activity” date: This can include bowling, hiking, rock climbing, or any extreme adventure from The Bachelor that doesn’t actually happen in real life.  You will be moving around, so you want to be comfortable (i.e., not pulling up your strapless bra or tugging at your dress), but this is NOT an excuse to wear some ratty old gym clothes.  ‘Athleisure’ is a thing for a reason.  Leggings (in good condition) plus a bright colored top and tennis shoes will do for the ladies.  Guys, clean clothes without holes and tennis shoes in good condition are acceptable. You might decide to go to a casual restaurant afterward, so make sure your outfit is versatile.

Wild card: In this scenario, all you know is that you’re getting picked up at 8. You aren’t sure where you are going or what you’ll be doing.  Unfortunately, you must be prepared for a multitude of situations.  You should be safe wearing something on a level between your coffee date and dinner date.  Wear semi-comfortable shoes in case you end up walking more than expected, and for either gender, you can’t go wrong with nice jeans and a cool jacket.

What To Wear, What To Wear

by RollingStone9862 under Relationships

When I go out on a first date I always think about what planning elements, within my control, will most help me make a good first impression. Certainly finding an agreeable time and place to meet are at the top of my priorities list; but other components, such as how I present myself, are also exceedingly important to consider.

I believe wholeheartedly that it is imperative to be yourself on a first date, which includes what you say, how you act and how you present yourself aesthetically. Everyone, whether they profess to care much about their outward appearance or not, has a style that is uniquely his or her own. For me, generally speaking, when I go out I dress up in one of two ways; 1) jeans and a concert or graphic tee or 2) jeans, button down shirt and tie (loosely tied of course).

Of course there are variations of these two specific styles that I’ll use from time to time to alter my look; for the most part these are the main two presentations that I prefer when I go out. Both say something about my personality – that I’m laid back but definitely care about and put time into my appearance, and also that style is important to me.

This is not to say that if you typically wear sweatpants and a plain white t-shirt everyday that you should put on a collared shirt and khakis just because you have a date because that wouldn’t be projecting the real you. Personally I am not a real big polo guy, therefore, even though polos are very standard for guys to wear on dates, you’ll rarely see me wearing one because that’s not my style and therefore I wouldn’t feel completely comfortable.

In the end, what you wear is just another element that contributes to your overall ability to feel like, and therefore be, yourself. So, even if you aren’t someone who normally cares about their appearance I would encourage you to take a few extra moments in order to make sure you aren’t trying to present yourself in a way that you think will appeal most to the person you are going out on the date with, and instead simply showing off the real you.