Supreme Courting

by AndyCowan under Date Night

The Supreme Court has made their ruling about health care, but we won’t hear about it until June. What if there was a Supreme Court for dating?

I once annoyed a date of mine by pulling up into her driveway and gently tapping the horn. Once. And not a big honk, mind you. I saw her image in the front window. We’d been out several times before; I’d called her en route letting her know I was running late for the movie. I was actually thinking the whole thing was kind of a sweet throwback to teens hooking up on a warm summer night. I opened the car door for her. In every other sense, I was the gentleman. But she was steamed. If I’d seen her with a “Honk if you love annoying me” bumper sticker, at least I would have had a clue. But again, it was a mini-toot, not a honk.

I’ll await your decision, Supremes.

The Rocking Chair Theory

by SWEETADVENTURE8 under JBloggers,Relationships

We are all attracted to different things – looks, a sense of humor, financial security…but what is the compound that sustains a relationship for over thirty year?  For me, attraction is not something that can be compromised.  Since it is not honorable to go outside the marriage or commitment for sexual escapades, a baseline level of attraction needs to be present.  Although, that attraction may evolve and change forms through the years.  However, there is something even more important than attraction and I refer to that as my Rocking Chair Theory.  Who do I want to be sitting next to on the porch on a hot summer day or cool evening in my rocking chair, sipping lemonade and reading the paper discussing the merits of the newest appointment to the Supreme Court OR not saying a word but being contently happy?  When I think of my future potential mate, I always contemplate the Rocking Chair Theory and it helps bring clarity.