The League

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Tonight is my first game on a tennis league which I am very excited about. I have come to love tennis more and more as the years pass. I like the consistency and the strategy once you graduate to an intermediate player. Unfortunately though, the league is made up of mostly women and two guys (both of whom I adore as friends)…Go figure.  Therefore, this probably will not benefit my dating life…BUT, then again, who knows who will be on the court next to me. If lady serendipity is on my side, I may have to “accidently” aim some balls at the other court. Whoops. Please don’t tell. It will be our secret.


Zero Love

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Today I am off to the U.S. Open.  I love tennis and watching these incredible athletes. It’s exciting to see  the ball returned at the speed of lightning and witnessing the mental strategy that comes along with it.  Is it a straight return or a strategic plotted move in an effort to win the point, game?  As far as I’m concerned, despite all the books out there stating the opposite, games don’t win in the game of love.  There are already a superfluous amount of rules, competing interests, personalities and experiences shaping who we are – throw in game playing and there is no winner.  Every once in a while there may be some topspin or slicing, but it is consistency in my opinion that wins both at Tennis and love.

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50 Ways To Meet Your Lover…

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I hope Paul Simon does not mind I cribbed some of his words…But summer is an amazing time to meet new people. The sun (okay so it has been raining a lot in NYC – but hopefully that is behind us), energy and Magaritaville attitude makes summer an amazing time to meet new friends and possibly your next lover.

Here goes the first of up to 50 suggestions….

1. Tennis Camp
Whether you are focused on perfecting that serve, looking for a new tennis partner or more.  This past weekend, I went to tennis camp at the USTA headquarters and participated in a one-day camp, met some new friends and improved my game. As well, Total Tennis in upstate New York has a sleepover camp as the name aptly describes the camp of basically total tennis (with meals and evenings to socialize).  Total Tennis also has singles weekends.  TIP FOR THE MEN: the place is filled with cute girls in shape – what are you waiting for?  A common hobby, exercise, Game, Love.