Don’t Be Tardy For The Party

by SweetLo under Date Night,JBloggers

Sometimes you go on a date and the only thing you can count on is Murphy’s Law. Recently, I went out with this guy who not only showed up a half hour late (like he’s never heard, ‘don’t be tardy for the party’) and looked like he just rolled out of bed. I was so sorry to interrupt his date with his bed for ours, but hello, he asked me out. So, trying to ignore the urge to say, ‘Hi the ‘90s called, they want their outfit back,’ I decided to move past everything and continue on. Well to add to Prince Charming’s attributes, he asked if we could “join forces” when the bill came – taking going Dutch to a whole new level of awkward. So just to recap my gem of an evening, he showed up late in last decade’s clothes and then used some sort of Star Wars reference to have me pay half the bill. Now kids, I am in no way suggesting it is a guy’s responsibility to pay, it was just one ridiculously obnoxious night. To seal the fate that was my date, when walking to my car, he cleverly hid a little X-rated request behind a PG suggestion: “Want to come over and play board games?” Well, Milton and Bradley would not be so lucky. I headed to my car, thanked him for an utterly fabulous evening out on the town, and remembered why dating rocks, because now I have one hell of a story. Begging the question, “Why don’t they do what they say, say what they mean? One thing leads to another.”


by SweetLo under Online Dating,Single Life

Well, I’m SweetLo, your average 24 year old just trying to survive the dating scene in the city of angels.  Born and raised in Los Scandalous, I learned early on that in the royal tradition of former inhabitants of my silver-screen laden city that most guys I met were in fact playing a part; and that I was even lucky to find someone else from the same state, let alone city, when I went over the hill into Hollywood.  This hasn’t exactly discouraged me.

In fact, it’s quite the race to find a nice Jewish boy, whom I think recently was added to the endangered species list.  So I occupy my time by working out and going out with the girls, always optimistic that the night will be fun, an experience, and always an adventure.  I am almost twenty five and I’m still putting my relationship status in quotation marks as if my actions are alleged and I’m liable to change beaus at a moment’s notice.  Or perhaps they’ll trade me in for a different model.  It’s a tricky business when you gamble on love, but if you don’t play big, you’ll never win big.  It seems it’s simply a matter of deciding how much you’re willing to bet, and most gals would give anything in hopes of a happily ever after.  So I guess Whitney has the City, Lauren has the Hills, and I have Hollyweird; let the games begin.