Dazed and Confused

by Tamar Caspi under Date Night,Single Life

Meeting someone whom you click with is the most thrilling and exciting feeling. Finally, right!?

Like many people, you have probably gone on so many dates, and have been disappointed so many times, that you are elated when the conversation, commonalities, and chemistry are all there! (The 3 Cs!) So elated, in fact, that you are in a daze. Dazed because information about your new match that you normally would see as a turn-off or a game-ender are things you may now be making excuses for… and may even be willing to accept. Confused because you know better, yet you can’t help yourself; you’re smitten.

Nothing anyone will say will make you see the situation differently. Everyone has this experience in the game of love. Don’t apologize for happily dating — just try not to be blinded by lust.

What Singles Want

by Tamar Caspi under Date Night,Single Life

What do singles want? An online survey (taken by Market Tools Inc.) of more than 5,000 singles over the age of 21 said the first thing they judge about their date is… teeth. Why teeth? Teeth are an indication of your overall health.

So, make sure you:

  • Floss the night before a date so your gums aren’t still swollen the next day
  • Brush your teeth right before a date
  • Pop a piece of minty gum in your mouth as you approach your date
  • Don’t eat or drink anything on your date which will stain your teeth (ie. red wine) or smoke.

Even if you’re a smoker and your date is okay with that, try to not smoke after brushing your teeth until the date is over. You could have crowded teeth or a bad bite, but as long as your teeth are clean and white — and your gums are pink and healthy — then fret not, you will pass judgment.

Of course, you should floss regularly and brush your teeth twice a day and not smoke at all, but we all know that’s not always going to happen!

Want to Attract a Rich Man?

by Tamar Caspi under Relationships

Millionaire CEO Brandon Wade recently wrote an article about the 5 things successful men look for in a woman. He asked 3,000 men who make upwards of $250,000 what the first thing they notice about a woman when assessing if they want to not only date her but marry her.

1. COMMUNICATION — verbal and written communication was the most important quality men noticed in women. They prefer speaking to a woman rather than text or email and desire a woman who can hold a conversation. When texts or emails are exchanged, they are turned off by silly abbreviations and typos.

2. POSTURE — don’t slouch. A woman that holds herself high is a confident woman who has manners.

3. WALK — a woman’s gait, how she carries herself while walking (speed, form) exudes confidence and creates a presence.

4. SENSE OF SELF — being a know-it-all or pretending to be a know-it-all is not attractive.

5. HAIR — men are not seriously drawn to a woman with messy hair, unnaturally colored hair. Having healthy hair is also an indication of the woman’s overall health.

Do you agree with this research?

None of the items seem too outrageous and most of them seem pretty obvious in fact. Speaking eloquently, sitting up straight, walking tall and not pretending you know something you don’t all seem like normal things a woman should practice, whether you are meeting a new man or interviewing for a job. The only one that caught me off-guard was the hair. Hair? It makes sense reading the reasoning, but I wouldn’t have thought that would have made the top five. It draws us back to a time when men would judge a woman’s desirability by her hips and weight, which equaled fertility and health and therefore her ability to bear a man children. So I guess healthy hair is the new indication of femininity. I could think of worse things…


Don’t Put A Ring On It

by Tamar Caspi under Relationships

You’re single, you’re looking… and you’re wearing a ring on your left hand? WTH!? I don’t care how cute or trendy you think it is, people will think you are engaged or married! You have 9 other fingers, use those! Men in particular should not wear a ring on their left ring finger because men’s rings look exactly the same, whether they are decorative or a symbol of your devotion to your wife. But women have so many options! It could be a giant flower or a tiny animal, it doesn’t matter, wear it on another finger! When someone is interested in you they will glance down at your left hand and if they see even a glimmer of something on your left right finger they will immediately disregard you as a possibility. Why eliminate prospects?