It Must Be Love

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It was amazing watching Tommy Haas and Youzhny at the US Open with elegant slices and backhands, and every once in awhile a drop shot to make the point.  They are completely dedicated to trying to be the best athlete on the tour.  100 percent commitment and dedication.  I guess when you love something, there is no debate you Just Do It!  For me, I view commitment as keeping my partner’s safety, needs and desires equal, if not above, mine. Granted this level of commitment requires the right person, the feeling of security and requited connection, but when it exists there is no other feeling like it. Complete selflessness.

Zero Love

by SWEETADVENTURE8 under JBloggers,Relationships

Today I am off to the U.S. Open.  I love tennis and watching these incredible athletes. It’s exciting to see  the ball returned at the speed of lightning and witnessing the mental strategy that comes along with it.  Is it a straight return or a strategic plotted move in an effort to win the point, game?  As far as I’m concerned, despite all the books out there stating the opposite, games don’t win in the game of love.  There are already a superfluous amount of rules, competing interests, personalities and experiences shaping who we are – throw in game playing and there is no winner.  Every once in a while there may be some topspin or slicing, but it is consistency in my opinion that wins both at Tennis and love.

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