One of the best things about being single is that you…

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During my recent vacation, I spent my time pushing my body physically every day. Hiking, tennis and cardio eight hours a day. Though during the hikes there was plenty of time for spiritual self reflection too. My week was structured hanging with new friends with a fitness goal in front of us. Impetuously, Mr. High Roller, one of our crew, said let’s go to Vegas. Although spontaneous, I’m an organized planner type. Vegas wasn’t part of the agenda in Utah. BUT that is one of the advantages of being single. No one to check-in with or get permission from, ultimately I could do what I wanted to do at that very moment. Carpe Diem in mind, hours later I found myself at the craps table making everyone A LOT of money followed by relaxing in a VIP lounge at the Encore pool.  At times the hike to finding your partner may betiring and frustrating, but the upside about being a singleton is saying “yes” impetuously to life as often as you like.

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Good vs. Evil

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As the girls and I were sunbathing in Sheeps Meadow this past weekend in Central Park (with thousands of other folks “you may know” on facebook) a friend relayed a story of a guy who approached her at a party and asked, “Do girls like good or bad boys?” Her well-balanced answer: “Girls like interesting good guys.”
For all the single guys who are looking for a commitment, trust me, good guys do finish first.  Admittedly, in my twenties, my standard response was I’m looking for a guy “with edge.” My mom continuously asked me what this “edge” actually meant?  Looking back, “edge” equated to my lack of knowledge and self awareness of what I needed in a life partner in my twenties.  There comes a time, usually in a lady’s thirties where “edge” is trumped by the desire to find a superhero aka a “good egg.” And, although bad boys may be fun for that Vegas vacation story, they are not usually the keepers.

Like Marvel or DC, I’m convinced Good traditionally trumps Evil and the “good guy” IS the hot commodity.